December 1, 2015

MMAPA 2nd Quarter Meeting
Academic Year 2015-2016
December 1, 2015
Blinn Hall, MMA

Called to order 18:30 by MMAPA President Leanne Avakian – 16 parents, 8 Board members, 3 Admin, 8 Cadets present

MMAPA Board Members: Leanne Avakian, Terry Novak, Marie Rossi, Brenda Quinn, Karan Scopa, Deirdre MacInnis, Marilyn Cyr, Carol Eccleston

Welcome Address: President Avakian welcomed all the parents in attendance and those watching via the webcast. The Executive Board introduced themselves.

Introduction of the Cadets representing all the majors:
Ryan Frost – MTRA, Benjamin Pasquasosa – ESEN, Peter Owen – IMBU, Matthew Cyr – FENG, Alyssa Palmer – MSEP, Keelan Murphy – MSEP, Brenda Martinez – EM, Emily Behan – EM,

2015 Winter Term Update – Captain Lima and Commander Kelleher

Captain Lima explained how diverse the school’s majors have become, and asked the Cadets to explain their respective majors.

Emily Behan explained the Habitat for Humanity trip and the involvement of the EM majors. Alyssa Palmer discussed her trip to the Virgin Islands and how it supports the MSEP major. Captain Lima talked about the trip to Singapore. He mentioned that Business majors can do international as well as domestic coops. He said IMBU is considered a shore side major, but cadets have opportunities shipside, as well due to the maritime aspect.

Mr. Frost talked about commercial shipping, and his personal experiences.
Discussed how they apply classroom learning to real life.
Matthew Cyr, a FENG major, discussed working at a power plant for two coops. He worked in several departments including boilers and electronics. He told the group of the importance of hands-on-learning.
Benjamin Pasquasosa, an ESEN major, explained how he is learning to design systems for the industry, how the ESEN program is becoming accredited at MMA.

Capt Lima discussed the career fair held on October 22, 2015 at MMA. He talked about opportunities and responsibilities. He stated that 40% of new hires at companies are the result of coops. There are academic requirements in order to participate in the many coop opportunities. MMA has the highest retention and graduation rate in commonwealth colleges.

2016 Sea Term Update: Commander Kelleher discussed Sea Term. Dec 9th is a briefing for all freshmen going on Sea Term. CMDR Kelleher introduced Whitney Griffin, Assistant Commandant. Whitney is an MMA grad and the only female Regimental Commander to date. She will be going on Sea Term. He talked about requirements to go on Sea Term including Passports, TWIC Card for sophomores and above and an MMA ID. Please be sure all outstanding medical needs have been taken care of, such as prescriptions to last the length of the cruise and eye glasses, etc… Rates report on Jan 1 and Cadets must arrive on Jan 3, 2015 ready to go. They will be sent home if they do not have a valid passport. Cadets should bring cash and only cash. $100/day per day of liberty recommended. Credit cards are too risky. US dollars accepted in most ports including Costa Rica. Check with your phone company to avoid excess cell phone charges. Jan 9, 2016 is departure date, time of departure to be determined. The ship will be open for tours 2 hours before departure. Once on the ship the cadets are divided into 4 divisions. Watch, classroom, maintenance, and alternative division. Jan 21, 2016 transit Panama Canal, Jan 22, 2016 Panama City first liberty. After leaving the canal the ship will cross the equator, and participate in shell backing ceremony. The next destination is Costa Rica and they expect to arrive by Jan 29, 2016. The cadets will have 2 days of liberty. When they depart Costa Rica they will head to Aruba. Their anticipated arrival is Feb 2, 2016. He mentioned there is a chance to go to Cuba, but not to expect it. The Kennedy will arrive in Key West Feb 21, 2016. Commander Kelleher encouraged all cadets to bring cash and bring it to the safe once onboard ship. He expressed that they have never lost a $$, and emphasized that they should not bring cash to their racks. Commander Kelleher said the itinerary is subject to change, and it is not a good idea to plan a visit. He also said DO NOT send packages – they will not be accepted. All Cadets going on Sea Term will be briefed on how to stay safe.

Commander Kelleher strongly discouraged laptops, as they can get damaged.

Parent Questions:

Is there internet? There is no internet, but emails go out 2 times a day. When you answer do not hit reply. You are charged for each character.

What do they wear on the ship? Commander Kelleher said boiler suits, khaki shorts and blue shirt, or blacks, PT gear for downtime, there will be two Sunday’s at sea.

Do we see them the day they get back? Commander Kelleher said it depends on what duty they get. They will know which duty they have when they leave Key West. They try to give out of state students priority. Cadets will all have a chance to get off ship at some point the day the ship returns.


Secretary’s Report – Brenda Quinn & Karan Scopa, Co-Secretaries

Approval of September 2015 Minutes reviewed by Leanne and posted for review. A motion was made to approve, 2nd and voted unanimously to approve said minutes as presented.

Treasurer’s Report – Carol Eccleston & Marilyn Cyr, Co-Treasurers

Raffle tickets were sent out and we have 30% participation. If we get to 50% we will have $19,000. for scholarships.
Leanne told us the “Admiral Bresnahan Sea Term Scholarship Fund” has been retitled as “Admiral Bresnahan Winter Term Scholarship Fund”. There was no wording within the scholarship specifically prohibiting availability to all majors – the title has just been amended to be more all-encompassing.
Carol told us about Sea Term T- shirts. We will extend the deadline to order shirts to Dec 7. We have already sold $7200 in t-shirts alone.
Marilyn reported that mailers went out to families of cadets going on Sea Term and the availability of related items for purchase; commemorative items such as steins, and certificates. The families of all majors will receive order forms for etched glass. These can be ordered any time. The order form is on the home page of the MMAPA website. The money raised is given to the Academy’s financial aid office and they disperse it. The MMAPA board does not select recipients or disperse the scholarships, families were asked to encourage their cadets to apply.

Hand out provided. A motion was made to approve, 2nd and voted unanimously to approve Treasurer’s Report as presented.

Admissions Liaison Report – Marie Rossi, Admissions Liaison

Marie extended her thanks to all the volunteers who helped out with (3) Open Houses this Fall. She will be looking for a couple of volunteers on departure day, and arrival day. Volunteer help is greatly appreciated and support helps to keep things running smoothly. She is also recruiting for volunteers to become part of the MMAPA Executive Board for 2016-2017.

Hospitality Report – Deirdre MacInnis, Hospitality Chair

2016 Return Dinner will be held at The Bay Pointe Club, 19 Bay Point Drive, Buzzards Bay, MA the night before the ship comes in. This is a wonderful event with a buffet dinner and door prizes available. This event is held as a way for parents/families of cadets who have come into town, and local families to get together and meet, share information, etc. It is not a fundraiser. The past few years we have had cadets in attendance, because the ship came in early due to weather.



Anyone interested in joining the Board should let Leanne know as soon as possible at:

All positions are open each year for anyone interested in running for a position. We will definitely have 4 seats that will need to be filled this Spring; President, Hospitality Chair and the Co-Treasurer positions. We work hard but the rewards are many, and we have a lot of fun. You will be meeting new families and friends. It is an opportunity to give back to something very special. Let us know if you want to jump on board!

Carol Eccleston, Co-Treasurer – She shared numerous notes of thanks and appreciation from parents sending in their raffle tickets.

Without any further questions or comments, Pres. Leanne Avakian made a motion to adjourn the meeting, 2nd and moved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 19:38.
Next MMAPA Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Respectfully submitted: Brenda Quinn and Karan Scopa