Social – Meet and Greet – 18:00-18:30
Meeting called to order at 18:30 by MMAPA President Bill Tranter.
Welcome Address and Introduction of Board Members

Board members present:

Bill Tranter, Sherrie Hughes, Nancy Franks, Brenda Quinn, Ann Quill.

Board Members absent:

Rick Carberry, Lori Thompson, Sue Pickering.

WELCOME ADDRESS                                                                        President Bill Tranter Mr. Tranter welcomed everyone in attendance and those watching via webcast. A motion was made by Mr. Tranter to transact business out of the order listed on the agenda by presenting the Treasurers’ Report and our Winter Term scholarship donation before Winter Term Updates. So voted.

MMAPA Business

TREASURERS’ REPORT                                                                L. Thompson/S. Pickering Report presented by Mr. Tranter. Refer to report provided at the meeting. Motion

was made to accept, seconded, and voted unanimously to accept report as presented. WINTER TERM SCHOLARSHIP                                                                                   Bill Tranter/Captain Rozak

The board recommended that we donate $20,000 to MMA for Winter Term scholarships. Motion was made to accept, seconded, and voted unanimously to accept. Mr. Tranter presented a check for $20,000 from the MMAPA to Captain Edward Rozak.

JIMMY SHIRT                                                                                                             Bill Tranter

Mr. Tranter introduced the “Jimmy Shirt” in honor of Jim Callan from the bookstore for all his support of our students.

Winter Term Updates

SEA TERM UPDATE                                      Captain Edward Rozak

Vice President of Student Services

Captain Elizabeth Stevenson

Vice President of Enrollment Management The T.S. Kennedy has returned and is in great shape after its successful tour in

support of hurricane relief efforts. All planning has been completed for Sea Term.

Trip itinerary: After a twelve to thirteen day sail, the Kennedy will arrive at its first port, Cartagena, Colombia. Captain Rozak stressed that Cartagena is very safe because the Colombian government wants to promote tourism so provides a high level of security. The Kennedy will then dock at Bridgetown, Barbados; Montego Bay, Jamaica; and Tampa Bay, Florida. Captain Rozak briefly described each port. The Kennedy stays at each port for three days. Port visit dates are not published due to security considerations.

Cadets must report for Sea Term by Monday, January 8 ready to go to sea. In the case of inclement weather, cadets may get permission to report a day or more early.

Parents and Fourth Class Cadets have been briefed, the MMA website provides detailed information (including what to bring) under Marine Ops/Sea Term, and an informational sheet will be sent to each cadet. Cadets should take only what is on the list as there is not room for more on the ship.

Arrival day is very busy. Cadets must check-in, get their billet cards, stow their gear, complete lots of paperwork, go through a passport check, a health services check, and attend a safety briefing. Parents drop off their students in front of Harrington Hall and leave immediately.

The ship is loaded through Friday and there are many classes and drills. The U.S. Coast Guard boards the ship on Thursday or Friday to check all safety systems and the cadets must perform drills to their satisfaction. Cadets are allowed liberty for 3 – 4 hours on Thursday or Friday after their work is done.

Departure is scheduled for Saturday, January 13 at 0638 tide. Sailing muster is at 0530. They man the rails at 0615. Pande Dining Hall will be open at 0400 for light refreshments for visitors and cadets who do not have watches. There is no visitation allowed on the ship.

Port selection process: The cadets who sit on the Sea Term Council, the Kennedy’s captain and crew, and Student Services choose the ports. A recommendation is made to Admiral McDonald who sends it to the U.S. Department of Transportation. The DOT vets the ports to ensure they are safe locations.


1.      Six MSEP majors are going on Sea Term and flying home from Barbados. What day are the MSEP cadets cleared to fly home and are parents responsible for purchasing plane tickets?

Captains Rozak and Stevenson were unsure of the answer but later Commodore Lima issued the following statement:

“The MSEP cadets are free to schedule their own flights at their own expense the day after the ship arrives. Arrival day may have a visit planned to a cruise ship at the pier in Barbados. I have already been asked by one of the MSEP cadets can stay on board until departure and I have approved this request. I figure that anyone staying

onboard until departure will have responsibilities on an in-port watch bill and not have open gangway.”

2.      What is the best option for cell phone use?

Call your wireless carrier for their recommendations. Cadets don’t have access to Wi-Fi on the ship. Be wary of roaming charges.

3.      What are the recommendations for supplemental health insurance?

This is an option. It is $53 for the entire length of Sea Term.

Also, Admiral McDonald will mail an Emergency Contact Information Sheet for parents to follow in case they need to get in touch with somebody at the school or contact their cadet on the ship. You may mail letters to the ship but packages are not accepted on the ship. Packages must be sent through the school.

4.      Is there anything the cadets need to do to prepare for Sea Term, besides pack, before Arrival Day?

Try to stay healthy, make sure medical and dental appointments are completed, and have all their prescriptions with them for the entire period they are away.

5.      When will the cadets know when they have liberty during the alongside week (before the ship leaves Buzzards Bay)?

Liberty is scheduled by division, not by class. There are four divisions comprised of cadets from each class. They probably will have a day’s notice.

6.      How much money should cadets bring?

About $100 per day of liberty. They are guaranteed two days of liberty in each port and three days in one of the ports. There are four ports. If they get in trouble, their liberty is taken away.

7.      Is there a list of shore excursions that parents can pay for ahead of time?

Yes, there is a list of excursions. The excursion list will be posted once everything is finalized with the travel agents. Tours may be paid for early.

8.      Is there a bank on the ship?

No, but there is a good amount of cash in a safe in Captain Rozak’s office so he can cash checks for the cadets, if necessary.

9.      Are there a lot of places where debit cards are accepted?

They recommend cadets bring cash because debit cards may not work everywhere. They have a banking program that allows cadets to store their cash in Captain Rozak’s safe. Cadets put their money in a sealed envelope then into the safe. The day before they get to port, cadets can get the money they want to use in that port out of the safe. They have never lost money from the safe.

10.  When do cadets get to put their money in the safe?

They can put their cash in the safe after they stow their gear on the ship on Arrival Day.

11.  Is it mandatory to use the safe for storing money?

No. They have a wall locker and a locker under their rack and they are required to bring two combination locks to secure these. However, cadets have left their money out and have had it stolen from their rack.

12.  Are cadets allowed to go off alone in port?

No. They must travel in small groups (4 – 5), never alone. They also discourage large groups.

13.  Is a TWIC card required for Fourth Class Cadets?

No, but they must submit their application for it by January 8, 2017. An email was sent to the students today about this.

14.  Do the cadets already have most of the items on the “What to Bring” list?

Except for their civilian clothes and miscellaneous items, everything needed was issued to them in their Sea Bag.

15.  What is the alcohol policy when they are in port and on leave?

They cannot be intoxicated. They don’t use a Breathalyzer test. They make a visual determination. They ask the cadets to use good judgment.

16.  Is the MMA logo necessary on sweatpants and sweatshirts while they are on the ship?

They have to wear buc gear on the ship but not while in port. Civilian clothes must be in good taste. They do not want the cadets to wear anything that brings undo attention to them. For example, nothing political, religious or too revealing.

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING UPDATE                                  Captain John Korn,

Dean of Undergraduate Studies Captain Korn summarized his resume as he has been at MMA for only four months.

He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1982, served in the Marines for eight years, and spent the last eighteen years at Harvard Business School.

MMA is sending cadets and faculty to Bermuda, Costa Rica, Florida, South Africa, and Singapore. Everything that Captain Rozak said about safety and communications applies to the experiential learning programs as well. This year they’ve taken steps to make these trips more secure. Every morning Captain Korn will check in with all sites. At the

international sites, the faculty members will have satellite phones because cellular phones may not work properly.

Due to hurricane damage, MSEP is going to the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences in St. George rather than to St. John. Fifty freshman, three faculty, and four senior cadets will be there from February 1 to 10.

Facilities Engineering and Energy Systems Engineering majors are in Costa Rica at EARTH University in Limon Province from January 26 to February 10. They will travel all over the country including the jungle and both coasts. There will be thirty-nine students, two faculty members, and three seniors.

There will be two groups of Emergency Management majors travelling to Eustis, Florida to build houses for Habitat for Humanity. They also will review the emergency management system at Walt Disney World for a day. There will be forty-two freshmen, three faculty and three seniors on the January 14 – 26 trip and thirty-nine freshmen, three faculty and three seniors on the January 28 – February 9 trip.

Sophomores from the International Maritime Business program are travelling to two different destinations from Jan 6 to 28. Each group will have one faculty member and one senior cadet. Eighteen cadets are going to Singapore and eighteen are travelling to South Africa.


1.      What happens if a cadet is on a wait list for a trip?

Somebody has to withdraw for a spot to open up. The cadet should sign up for the trip next year.

2.      Is cash preferred to using debit or credit cards?

Definitely. Also, the faculty members who are responsible for the trips get a substantial amount of cash. The emergency medical plan ($53) already is included in the cost of the experiential learning trips.

MMAPA Business

SECRETARY’S REPORT                                                                                 B. Quinn/A. Quill

Approval of September 14, 2017 minutes posted for review. Motion was made to accept, seconded, and voted unanimously to accept report as presented.

ADMISSION LIAISON’S REPORT                                                                              S. Hughes

The MMAPA will have a table set up to sell our wares in Pande Dining Hall on Departure Day, January 13. We need a couple of volunteers at 0400. The dates for Sea Bag Week next year have not been determined yet but we will need many volunteers.

HOSPITALITY CHAIR’S REPORT                                                                             N. Franks

The Winter Dinner is for every major, even if your child is not going on a Winter Term Experience. It is scheduled for Saturday, February 24, 2018, from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. This is the night before the ship returns to campus. It will be held at the Elks Hall in Wareham. There will be a DJ, games, raffles, and a silent auction. We would appreciate donations of prizes. Tickets are $36. Dress is casual. All the money we raise is used for scholarships.

Follow The Voyage – Share The Experience has signed up 97 schools from thirteen states and Bermuda. Ms. Franks expects this number to rise in the next two weeks. Last Friday MMA formed a partnership with the JFK Presidential Museum and Library Foundation. We are going to have Kennedy related activities and they will donate prizes for

schools that participate in these activities. The target audience is K – 12 students but Ms. Franks wants MMA parents to follow along too. The website has not gone live yet but when it does, this information will be posted on the Facebook page and the Google Group. There also will be a link on the MMA website.

Old Business

Mr. Tranter thanked everybody for their donations of candy to support both our TWIC or Tweet table last October and our Candy Cane Corner next week. We will have another Cookie Cafe next April.

He encouraged everybody to attend the Winter Return Dinner.

New Business

Our next meeting is March 8, 2018. Mr. Tranter encouraged parents to think about running for office. We have three vacancies on the board through attrition, two secretaries and a treasurer. Plus, every position is open.

Mr. Callan from the bookstore is doing uniform fittings (whites) for Ring Dance now up until March. They don’t have to pay for the whites until they pick them up. The cost is

$367. They need their whites for Ring Dance, senior pictures, and graduation.

Meeting adjourned at 1953.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Quinn and Ann Quill, MMAPA Co- Secretaries