Meeting was called to order at 1830 by MMAPA President Bill Tranter.
Introduction of the Board Members

Board members present:  Bill Tranter, Terry Novak, Marie Rossi, Brenda Quinn, Nancy Franks, Lori Thompson and Sue Pickering.

Welcome Address:  President Bill Tranter welcomed all the parents in attendance and those watching via webcast.  The executive board introduced themselves.

Winter Term Experiential Learning Updates

Capt. Campbell discussed the upcoming trip to Costa Rica.

The trip to Costa Rica will comprise of Facilities and Energy System Students.   Thirty- three cadets; thirty-one freshman and two sophomores will eligible.  Lt. Trudeau and four rates will also be making the trip.  They will travel to two locations; Guacimo and Limon.  Cadets will spend one week at each location.  While there, the students will be introduced to Latin American culture.  Capt. Campbell described the trip as a once in a lifetime opportunity, an opportunity to experience life and culture outside of the United States, adding that it is a great resume builder.   Students have received the itinerary.  They will have class time, listen to guest lecturers and observe an active volcano.  They will visit the newest hydro-electric plant in Costa Rica, the National Sloth Sanctuary and have the opportunity to zip line through the rain forest.  They will tour coffee, wind, geothermal and solar plants.  Their final day they will site see and have a half day to explore the city.

There were no parent questions.

Cmdr. Kelleher spoke briefly about Viking Bath that was held on this date during the wee hours of the morning.

Professor Cadwalader, Emergency Management Faculty Coordinator spoke about Habitat for Humanity.

Sixty-six students will travel to Central Florida in two groups from January 14 -28, 2017.  They will visit and work from the Disney Operation Center and be immersed in the culture of St. Augustine. They will also enjoy free time.  There is a Facebook page with all of the information, the cadets have this link;

Dr. Heather Burton, MSEP spoke next about the trip planned for February 2-13 2017 to St. John’s.  Students will study the geology and history of the island.  They will study the ecosystems and go snorkeling.  Dr Burton stressed that students MUST have passports.

Sea Term Update                                                   Cmdr. Kelleher/Capt. Campbell

Capt. Campbell has met with all freshman, both Engine and Deck; they have all been briefed for sea term.  Ship loading will take place from January 2 through 7, 2017 and the ship will depart January 8, 2017 from Buzzards Bay at 0530 and return February 19, 2017. Freshman should report on January 2 at 0800 and sophomores 0900-1000. Sea Term begins at drop off.   ALL cadets must have a passport!  Ports of call are: Barbados, St. Thomas and Ft. Lauderdale.  Docking dates are as follows:  1/20/17-1/23/17- Aruba; 1/27/17-1/30/17-Barbados; 2/3/17-2/6/17- St. Thomas; and 2/10/17-2/13/17- Ft. Lauderdale.  Parents should not plan to visit the ports.  Cadets really don’t want their parents in port and the schedule of the ship may change.  Cadets have been briefed on the do’s and don’ts.  Upon return to Buzzard Bay, there is an alongside period for offload. Each cadet owes 8 hours either offloading or watch standing.  Out of state cadets have priority of work time due to their travel restrictions, they are all aware of this and will know their schedule.  The ship will go to dry dock post sea term.

Parent Question-  How much money will each cadet need?  Each cadet should plan to bring $1000.00 cash, $125/port.  They should keep their money on their person until aboard the ship.  They are strongly encouraged to turn their cash over to the safe once aboard, the staff has never lost $1.00.  There are banking hours prior to each port, ample time for each cadet to withdraw their money for use off the ship.  Lt. McGee is organizing excursions and the SGA usually pays half, making them very affordable.  Cadets sign up for excursions on the ship.

Parent Question-  Can money be wired?  Yes.  Parents can call the MMA Business Office to arrange this.  A list is sent to the Captain

Parent Question-  Some cadets have recently been certified as scuba divers, will they be allowed to dive?  No this is too much liability, they prefer to snorkel.

Parent Question-  Cell phone use.  It is recommended people check with their providers/plan.  Cadets may also e-mail from the ship.  It should be noted that there will be two staff at MMA for emergencies.

MMAPA Business

SECRETARY’S REPORT                                 B. Quinn & K. Scopa  Co-Secretaries

Approval of September 2016 minutes posted for review.  A motion was made to approve, 2nd and voted unanimously to approve said minutes as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT                                L. Thompson/S. Pickering

SEE REPORT- Hand out provided.  Motion was made to approve 2nd  and voted unanimously to approve Treasurer’s report as presented.

There was a mailer that should have been received this week.  Information and forms for Sea Term T-Shirts, glassware, certificates and return dinner was included in the mailer.

A motion was made by MMAPA President Bill Tranter to go out of order, so voted.  A donation was made to the Bresnahan Scholarship fund from the MMAPA to Michelle Badger, Advancement Office in the amount of $20,000.

Motion to resume order, 2nd.

ADMISSION LIAISON’S REPORT                               M. Rossi

Marie reported that volunteers for open houses are no longer needed as groups have become too large.  MMAPA items are sole in the fantail during open houses manned by board members.  The next big sell day will be the day the ship returns, 2/19/17.  Volunteers will be needed on this day as well as the two Welcome Aboard days in May.  Reminder that there are now two Welcome Aboard days, one for license majors and one for non- license majors.

HOSPITALITY CHAIR’S REPORT                              N. Franks

Nancy explained that she has dual roles; Hospitality Chair as well as her MMA role as Follow the Voyage representative. Nancy explained her Follow the Voyage role in detail, Nancy is a recently retired teacher. The program is designed to pique the interest of school aged children, initially in junior high school but currently elementary school aged children as well about MMA and careers in the maritime industry.  Nancy mentioned all the schools on board thus far; 16 states and 100 schools and 2 libraries are participating, in all 3000 participants! She will answer behind the scenes questions; she will be aboard for a portion of sea term.  Photos will be shared and there will be a log book and map to follow as well.  “Buc” will the official mascot.

The Winter Term return dinner will be held on February 18, 2017 from 5:30-9:30 PM at the Bay Pointe Club, a short distance from the Academy.  Tickets are $36.00.  The menu was shared.  There will also be a silent auction and raffle as well as a Heads/Tails game.  Donations welcome.  Dress is casual and parents and friends/family of cadets from all majors are encouraged to attend.

Old Business

GOOGLE GROUP AND FACEBOOK                           T. Novak

Changes to the google group; only board members have posting ability and posting will be delayed and/or moderated so as to keep the group a safe and positive place to ask questions or share information. Please use the search box to see if issues have been discussed or questions have been previously asked.

New Business

Cruise Raffle, drawing date will be Monday January 9, 2017 at a time to be determined. Admiral McDonald will draw the winner.  The drawing will be live on Facebook.

The next MMAPA meeting will take place on March 8, 2017.  There are currently two open board positions; there will be a special election in March, one for a co –secretary and one for admissions liaison.  All board positions will be open in May 2017.

Important Dates

Parent question- Is there a Spring Break?  Yes a long weekend, ending on Patriot’s Day in April.  There is also a week between the end of Sea Term and the beginning of the Spring Semester.

Meeting Adjourned 1955.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Quinn, MMAPA Secretary