MMAPA Third Quarter Meeting
March 8, 2016
Blinn Hall, MMA

1730-1830 PM:     ORDER PICK UP- Steins, Certs, Glassware

1800-1830 PM:     SOCIAL MEET AND GREET- Refreshments

Meeting called to order at 18:30 by MMAPA President Leanne Avakian.

MMAPA Board members introduced themselves; Brenda Quinn, Deirdre MacInnis, Terry Novak, Marie Rossi, Carol Eccleston and Marilyn Cyr

MULTICULTURAL AFFAIRS UPDATE: Mirey Medina shared upcoming multicultural events such as, International Coffee Day, Pot Luck Dinner and the Heritage Festival scheduled for April 28th, 2016. Mirey is hoping for a large turnout, encouraging all to help and participate, as many hands are needed.   Dragon dancers and Irish step dancers are scheduled to entertain folks. There are currently 23 Chinese exchange students on campus and 27 MMA Cadets are attending classes in China Spring semester.

Michelle Badger shared information about the Senior Class Campaign and the importance of philanthropy. They are teaching the senior class what philanthropy is and the importance of giving back to MMA. Michelle explained they teach the cadets basics; the interview/application process, networking and learning by role playing. Last year 5-6 alumni returned to MMA to role play prior to the career fair. Jeff Cutter, class ’89 was a presenter on how to save, spend and invest money with that all important first paycheck. The goal of the campaign is 50% participation and $5000. That is to say, 50% of the senior class will participate in raising money for MMA with a financial goal of $5000. An individual needs only to give $5. In return, they receive a 2016 pint glass inscribed with an image similar to that which appears on their class ring. They will also sign a banner.   For every dollar raised, an anonymous donor doubles; for example for every $1 raised, a donation of $2 is matched. Deadline for participation in the campaign and reaching the 50%/$5000 goal is May 23, so please encourage your cadet to participate in whatever way they are able.

The Academy will celebrate its 125th birthday June 11, 2016. A big event aboard the Kennedy is planned, as well as, a number of other events in the coming months. Stay tuned for locations and details.

WINTER TERM 2016 UPDATES:   Captain E. Rozak gave an update of sea term complete with a 13 minute slideshow set to music. Captain Rozak spoke about all facets of sea term beginning with the check-in process and medical screening. The cadets traveled through the Panama Canal and visited the ports of Panama City, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Orenjestad, Aruba and Key West, Florida. They crossed the equator and 600 participated in a shellback ceremony.   The cadets participated in many learn-do-learn activities while at sea such as anchoring, as many as 10 anchoring drills and firefighting drills, engine room repair and maintenance as well as testing their hands on knowledge in the classroom with ongoing class instruction and final exams. There was a somber and poignant ceremony at the last known site of the El Faro. They dropped humanitarian goods in Haiti. The US Ambassador to Haiti, who is originally from Massachusetts, was invited aboard the Kennedy for small reception. They enjoyed “Sunday at Sea” with a large scale cook out. An alumni reception was held in Panama. Cadets participated in a variety of port activities, such as, zip lining in Costa Rica and white water rafting in Aruba. Illness was kept to a minimum with only five cadets returning home, one (of the five) was able to rejoin the ship. The T.S. Kennedy traveled a total of 7000 miles using 1.2 barrels of fuel/mile @ $24/barrel.

Captain Brad Lima, VP Academic Affairs, spoke about the number of cadets involved in other activities. 123 non-licensed cadets participated in co-ops and 126 cadets were involved in commercial shipping. Emergency Management majors participated in the Habitat for Humanity once again stressing real life experiences and increasing confidence. The career fair is April 7, 2016. 100 companies will be on hand to discuss career opportunities. The Change of Command Ceremony is scheduled for May 25, 2016.

Dr. Bani Ghosh, IMBU Department Chair gave a presentation which included a PowerPoint featuring photos of various field experiences for the International Maritime Business students. Images from Kenya, Malaysia and Singapore were presented showing students in their varied learning environments. The program consists of pre-experience preparation, a three week field trip and post experience integration including a report. It is mandatory that IMBU students complete 2 co-ops to fulfill the requirements of the program, and many do so well they are often hired by their host employer upon graduation. Initially Dr. Ghosh was worried when only licensed majors were participating in sea term however the change turned out to be a good thing. Many students have never been out the United States and these opportunities immerse them in a live cultural experience, which she feels is critically important. This summer there will be an additional opportunity in Liverpool, England.

Professor George Cadwalder presented a PowerPoint on the Emergency Management Trip to Eustice, Florida. There were two groups of students accompanied by 2 faculty and 4 senior rates that worked under the wing of Habitat for Humanity; Group A traveled January 17, 2016 – January 30, 2016 and group B; January 31. 2016 – February 13, 2016. Professor Cadwalder explained how Habitat for Humanity works and also how it was a public service opportunity as well as experiential learning. The students learned that the people served are the most vulnerable to natural disasters. The Habitat experience, as in sea term, builds confidence, as well as, presents the opportunity for students to work together, and learn to care for themselves. Their work hours were 0800-1500. Lights out was 2300 and reveille was a 0530. There were evening lectures, as well as, some down time. They had a unique opportunity to tour Disney security operations. The cadets built two houses and the MMA contingent was highly regarded as being the best group. Of particular pride was helping a family with a wheelchair bound young son. It was the first time this family would live in a wheelchair accessible home.

LCDR E. Pinero gave information as the yearbook advisor. Chris Spellman from Jostens assisted. They shared information about placing parent ads, sharing pictures and how to buy a yearbook. For underclassman, the cost of The Muster Yearbook is $75. The SGA subsidizes the cost of producing the yearbook for seniors. The yearbook will be mailed home Fall 2016, post- graduation. Please be sure the address on record at MMA is where you would like the yearbook mailed. Approximately 10 cadets work very hard to produce the yearbook, working as volunteers from the beginning of the school year until after graduation attending events they would not otherwise attend. They are responsible for designing pictures/captions for the entire book in addition to their school work. Underclassmen parents may participate. All cadets are featured. There is a handout regarding ordering your yearbook; it was available at the meeting. Forms will be posted on the MMAPA Google site.

The MSEP Program will present at the May meeting.

The MMAPA business meeting followed the presentations. December meeting minutes were approved as was the December-March Treasurer’s Report. $18,000 was raised and presented to Admiral McDonald on departure day for funding Adm Bresnahan Winter Term Scholarships for cadets. Any major can apply so encourage your cadet to apply. The scholarships are funded at $500 each. Recipients are selected by the financial aid office.

Deirdre MacInnis – Hospitality Chair – presented a brief commentary on the MMAPA Return Dinner. The dinner occurred February 20th at Bay Pointe Golf Club. There were approximately 100 attendees, the largest of all Return Dinners to date. It was a wonderful meal and true success. There was an effort to reach parents and families of cadets across all majors returning from various winter term experiences. A slide show of over 100 images from all majors and was enjoyed by all. A short discussion about the need for future efforts/planning for the Return Dinner clearly embracing all majors completed Dee’s report.

Marie Rossi – Admissions Liaison – shared information about upcoming volunteer opportunities; the final open house for the year is scheduled for April 30, 2016, Welcome Aboard is planned for two dates this year May 14, 2016 for licensed majors and May 21, 2016 for non-licensed majors. No date presented for Orientation prep – Sea Bag Week in August. Please remember you know more than you think you know. Be on the lookout for the dates!

Opportunities to run for MMAPA board positions were discussed. Next board meeting is May 10, 2016. Elections will take place at the May meeting. Leanne mentioned that she would post a request for interested individuals in the next week or so.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 2013. Seconded.

Meeting adjourned 2013 pm.

Respectfully submitted: Brenda Quinn and Karan Scopa, Co-Secretaries