Meeting was called to order at 1830 by MMAPA President Bill Tranter.

Introduction of the Board Members

Board members present:  Bill Tranter, Terry Novak, Marie Rossi, Brenda Quinn, Nancy Franks, Lori Thompson and Sue Pickering.

Welcome Address:  President Bill Tranter welcomed all the parents in attendance and those watching via webcast.  The executive board introduced themselves.

Sea Term Update                                                    Capt Rozak/Cmdr Kelleher

A Slide Show set to music was shown and narrated by Capt Rozak & Cmdr Kelleher.  Cadets assisted in making the slide show.  Cmdr Kelleher was the Commandant of Cadets on Sea Term.  The ship left Buzzards Bay on January 9, 2017 with 578 cadets and returned with 577.  One female cadet had to leave due to a family illness.  The cruise was very rewarding, there are no good stories, the way the staff likes it!  The slide show began with pictures of on-load week; preparing the ship, loading food and preparing the 4C’s for sea term.  Staff stressed accountability; they mustered 3x/day to be sure they did not lose anyone.  Cleanliness of the holds was also stressed; they were inspected 2x/day.   Slides of lifeboat drills and preparation for the US Coast Guard inspection were shown.  Cadets were pictured on deck in the snow; the drill went well with the exception of one missing cadet who slept through the bell, they were able to find him quickly, though his shipmates probably weren’t too happy with him!  They demonstrated to the Coast Guard that they were able to put out a fire if necessary, by use of a fog machine.  A fire is the biggest threat on a ship- you can’t call the fire department while at sea so this knowledge is of utmost importance.

The Kennedy departed at 0430 on 1/9/17, a day late, heading to Mayaguez, PR.   Many slides were shown of cadets settling into their routines, in the classrooms, training in the engine room or on the bridge.  They stood watch, completed drills, worked chumming, a procedure where excess food is ground up and exported and watched demos such as a safety flare demo.   There was always a cadet in the engine room or on deck.  They learned about weather buoy deployment but other boats kept picking them up!    They were pictured sending Valentine messages and enjoying Sunday at Sea, a large cookout where Chartwells grills steak on the helo deck which is always a big hit; Chartwells does a great job!   There was also a jousting event which is a cadet sponsored charity aboard the ship. The staff serves the cadets during this event which they always enjoy.  They raised $5000 which was donated to the Military Support foundation!  Job Lot donated items such as 2 kayaks, 2 paddle boards and a drone.   There were also numerous pictures of cadets enjoying the beaches of the various ports of call including Aruba, Barbados and St. Thomas and Fort Lauderdale, where there was a reception.  Liberty ended at midnight for 4C’s, 0100 for 3C’s and 0300 for 1C’s.  The do’s and don’ts are stressed prior to liberty.  There was a good feeling of satisfaction during the “victory ride” upon arrival; the cadets enjoy manning the rails and being welcomed home.

Capt Rozak mentioned the other experiential learning opportunities such as Kenya, South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore.  Two groups traveled to Florida for Habitat for Humanity, Facilities and Energy System students traveled to Costa Rica and MSEP students traveled to St. Thomas.  All returned safely.

Spring Semester has begun, it is a fast semester! Before you know it Coast Guard exams and finals will be upon us.  There will be presentations about resume writing and interviewing as well as how to buy your first home.

Parent question- Are the students given this information? Answer- Yes.

Bucs4Bucks, a day of giving will take place on 4/5/17. The MMAPA will be sponsoring a cookie café to help raise money.  Looking for volunteers to bake/volunteer, please email Nancy Franks at

There will be a career fair on April 21, 2017.  One hundred plus companies will be present.  The fair is for ALL students not only seniors, please encourage your freshman to go and introduce themselves.

There are 25 exchange students at MMA, 22 from Shanghai and 3 from Dalian, China.

Capt. Rozak and Regimental Commander Thomas McEntee strongly encourage cadets to get involved in activities in order to boost their resumes.  Mr. McEntee is already preparing for the Change of Command ceremony which will take place on May 24, 2017.  There is an extensive process to select leaders.  Companies look for students that are involved so please encourage your cadet to get involved!

Parent question- Is the job market low for all majors?  Answer-No MSEP and Business majors are thriving and energies always have a job, engineers may have to take shore side jobs which are typically lower paying than shipping but they will find employment, deck students are the ones that will struggle a bit.

Parent question- What will it take to change that situation?  Answer- Shipping is usually driven by the price of oil.

Parent Statement-  Shared how incredible it was to host 3 Chinese students in her home recently.  It was a great experience and she encouraged others to do the same if the opportunity arises.  Capt Rozak stated that anyone interested may e-mail either him or Cmdr Kelleher and they will pass the information to Mirey Medina, exchange program.

MMAPA Business

SECRETARY’S REPORT                                 B. Quinn Secretary

Approval of December 2016 minutes for review.  A motion was made to approve, seconded and voted unanimously to approve said minutes as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT                                L. Thompson/S. Pickering

SEE REPORT- Dated January 1, 2017 to March 8, 2017.   Hand out provided.  Motion was made to approve, seconded, and voted unanimously to approve Treasurer’s report as presented.

Parent Question- How do the figures compare to the same time last year?  Answer- There was a big sell day missed this year due to the early ship departure time as well as the warm weather on return day, however the MMAPA raised $3000 at the return dinner which was a huge success.  Overall it tends to equal out.

ADMISSION LIAISON’S REPORT                               M. Rossi

Marie reported that volunteers for open houses are no longer needed as groups have become too large.  The next open house will be 4/29/17.  There are two Welcome Aboard days in May; May 13 (non-license majors) and May 20 (licensed majors).  Volunteers are needed for those events.

HOSPITALITY CHAIR’S REPORT                            N. Franks

Nancy has dual roles; Hospitality Chair as well as her MMA role as Follow the Voyage representative. Nancy spoke about the success of Follow the Voyage.  There was a parent question about Nancy’s thoughts about how the program went this year.   The program involved 7000 students across 118 schools.  Schools participated by making replicas of the TS Kennedy, one school dubbed an “island day”.  She was invited to a school recently when she arrived there were 19 students wearing sailor hats taking turns reciting the traits of a leader!  She answered behind the scenes questions; shared photos and kept a log book and map to follow as well.  “Buc” was the official mascot and he was an instant success.  Nancy will write a proposal next year to expand the program to share your experience to include all majors whether that be commercial shipping, independent studies, traveling to China etc…

The Winter Term return dinner was held on February 18, 2017 from 5:30-9:30 PM at the Bay Pointe Club, a short distance from the Academy.    There was a silent auction and raffle as well as a Heads/Tails game.  There were many donations and the evening was a huge success, raising $3000 for cadet scholarships! A good time was had by all.  Parents and friends/family cadets from all majors were in attendance.

Nancy also spoke about the cookie café and Bucs4Bucks an upcoming event.  Information will be on the parent google group as well as the Facebook page.

New Business

There will be a raffle for senior parents for a Friday night stay at the Marriot, Wareham graduation weekend.  This includes 4 reserved seats and reserved parking.  There will be two packages; tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100.

The next MMAPA meeting will take place on May 3, 2017.  All board positions are open.  There will be 3 vacant positions: one for a Co –Secretary, one for Admissions Liaison and one for Vice-President.  Information regarding the positions is posted in the google group.  Please e-mail Bill Tranter if interested and prepare a short bio.  Please don’t let your cadet discourage you.  Being on the board is fun and rewarding.

Jimmy from the bookstore thanked the board members leaving.  Members are a tremendous help to him especially during distribution week.  Currently he is fitting cadets for dress whites, juniors for ring dance and seniors for graduation.  Please remind cadets to add the stripe on dress blues prior to the career fair.   Jimmy begins fitting incoming freshman in a week!

Parent question- Is the new parking lot open?  Answer- Yes juniors can park with a permit; they were e-mailed.  If there are extra spots, sophomores may park there as well.

Parent question- Date of orientation? Answer- August 19- Sept 1.  Website also has information.

Parent statement- School growth issue.  Many students are in triples.  Yes ship is in dry-dock and Buttermilk Bay is not quite finished.  MMA leases this space open to seniors in good standing.

Meeting Adjourned 1929.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Quinn, MMAPA Secretary