Social – Meet and Greet from 18:00-18:30

Meeting was called to order at 18:30 by MMAPA President Bill Tranter.

Welcome Address and Introduction of the Board Members
Board members present: Bill Tranter, Sherrie Hughes, Brenda Quinn, Ann Quill,
Nancy Franks, Lori Thompson, and Sue Pickering
Board members absent: Rick Carberry

WELCOME ADDRESS President Bill Tranter
Mr. Tranter welcomed all the parents in attendance and those watching via webcast.
Administrative Updates Captain Edward Rozak Vice President of Student Services
Captain Rozak said the spring semester is off and running although it started off
with a bang because of the storm. Everyone is safe and sound. Sea Term was very
successful. In addition to the cadets on the T.S. Kennedy, cadets are on co-op, other cadets traveled to South Africa, Singapore, Costa Rica, Panama, Bermuda, Haiti and Florida.

Because of the storm, approximately six cadets are still sailing on commercial ships.
This semester will be over in the blink of an eye! For example, May 23 is both
National Maritime Day and Massachusetts Maritime’s Change of Command during which they will install a new cadet staff. Before this, they have to elect the regimental and company staffed. Coast Guard exams are scheduled for May 14 and June 23 is graduation.

The T.S. Kennedy is in Manhattan and heading to dry dock at the Brooklyn Ship Yard
on Saturday morning where she will remain in dry dock until May 10. Texas Maritime will utilize the Kennedy for their Sea Term. Texas usually uses California Maritime’s ship, “The Golden Bear” but it is going into dry dock so MARAD assigned the Kennedy to Texas. They will end their cruise in New York or Boston and fly their cadets home. We will get the ship back in July.

The Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, has recommended to the President
that $300 million be allotted for newer ships for both MMA and SUNY Maritime. This is a huge initial step for MMA. The next step is passing the House and Senate. Captain Rozak requested that everybody call their senators to support these new ships. He noted that our ship has been used twice in the past four years to assist with emergencies in New York (Hurricane Sandy) and Puerto Rico.

Parent question: Can the school also keep the Kennedy?
Answer: No

Parent question: How many years has MMA had use of the Kennedy?
Answer: Since 2004 or 2005

Massachusetts Maritime has an Emergency Notification System (ENS) under Public
Safety on the MMA website. The students login and register their cell phone numbers so that they receive notifications (text messages and phone calls) anytime during an
emergency. Captain Rozak requested that parents please ask their cadets to log onto the system’s website to enable them to receive notices regarding weather or other issues that might arise.

Captain Rozak said he enjoyed this year’s cruise. The only hiccup was the change in
ports after the voyage was underway. It was determined that Jamaica was unsafe therefore St. Thomas was substituted. They have been to St. Thomas many times through the years and it is always enjoyable. The island is about 90% up and they are trying to increase their revenue. St. John’s was a mess, hardly anything was open and there was major erosion on some beautiful beaches. They anchored off Mayaguez in Puerto Rico. Almost 50% of the island is still without power. Cartagena, Columbia was the first port and was very different from the others in that it felt very foreign but the walled city was safe and everybody was very accommodating. It is interesting for the cadets to observe different cultures.

MMAPA Business


B. Tranter sent an email with the minutes of the December 6, 2017 meeting for
members to review prior to this meeting. A motion was made to approve, seconded, and voted unanimously to approve said minutes as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT L. Thompson/S. Pickering

Report given by S. Pickering. A motion was made to approve, seconded, and voted
unanimously to approve said report as presented.

Bill thanked everybody for their support during departure day, return day and the
return dinner. All were very successful. The MMAPA contributes to two scholarships. All the money earned through raffles and the sale of merchandise is given to the school to distribute as scholarships. We project contributing $45-50K this year. We also have a restricted scholarship that gives out awards based on the interest made by the money in the bank. That fund has about $60,000 in it. The principal is not touched so this is a self-sustaining scholarship. Admiral McDonald and Mr. Tranter sent a letter soliciting $100 donations from parents to enhance the principal for this restricted scholarship and they have received $2,150 in donations so far.


There will be two upcoming Welcome Aboard events on May 12 and 19. Volunteers
will be needed to help greet the students and their parents. Sea Bag week begins on Monday, August 13. Many hands are needed and appreciated. We are hoping for a large turnout the first Monday. We had 60 volunteers last year on Monday which was fabulous but if more can help, it certainly makes the remainder of the week that much easier. Sherrie will be trying something new with regard to volunteer sign ups. We will use an online system called versus the old system of complicated emails. Sherrie advised parents to be on the lookout for a Google Group email with a link to click on. You will be asked for your email and phone number. As soon as Admissions has established the dates when MMA will participate in high school open houses, he will share them with us so that parents may volunteer to help with those. These are held in the early fall.


Nancy talked about the success of the Winter Return Dinner and thanked Jim Callan
for the use of the Wareham Elks and for all his help throughout the event. We will use this venue again next year. Parents donated great raffle prizes and Ann Quill solicited many corporate donations. Bill’s wife Kerry provided and served all the food, which was superior to any meal you would have at a catered wedding. Many parents donated wonderful prizes. Sue Pickering provided the linens and Lori’s husband volunteered his time as well.

There will be a Cookie Café on May 9 outside the Mess Deck. All cookies will be given
away free to the cadets. This is on the same day as the Advancement Office’s Bucs4Bucs Giving Day. Please bring your cookie donations to the MMAPA board meeting on May 8. Or ship your cookie donations to Nancy’s home address. Also, cadets may drop off cookies at the Advancement Office, outside of the bookstore. Any and all cookies are welcomed but dropped cookies travel better than cut ones. Please package them in serving sizes. There will be a separate table for gluten free and nut free treats so put a note in every bag so we will know to keep these separate. We will need volunteers on May 9 to help as well.

Nancy is also the Follow the Voyage coordinator. The FTV program first began with
Captain Elizabeth Stevenson and included one school and one grade level. Last year’s
Follow the Voyage program was very successful and expanded to grades 2-8. This year’s program included grades K-12 and over 10,000 people participated! Nancy mentioned that the program’s name has been changed to Follow the Voyage/Share the Experience because the program now includes education abroad programs during winter term across all majors. This is a great way to showcase the entire school. This year’s cadet blogger on the T.S. Kennedy was Sara Merzon and she did a fabulous job! Nancy is hoping to have Sara back again next year because she is currently a 2/C. Next year she will be gong into this with a little more knowledge so there will be several improvements that she hopes to incorporate into the program.

New Business

Bill Tranter mentioned upcoming events including two Welcome Aboard events in
May and graduation. There is a fundraiser mailer to parents of seniors; tickets are $25 each and five for $100. There are two prizes: a Friday night stay at the Marriott Town Suites in Wareham along with VIP parking and VIP graduation seating.
A parent’s weekend is also being planned for next October. The hope is to provide
some events during the weekend of Recognition Day. Ideas being considered include a tailgating event during the football game, contests such as corn hole, and sunset cruises. Stay tuned because this event is in the early planning stages and subject to change.

The MMAPA election of officers will be held at the May meeting. All positions are
open, including three vacant seats due to graduation: two secretaries and a treasurer. Anyone interested should email Bill Tranter a short biography and he will post it on the Google Group for consideration. Voting will take place May 8 during the meeting.

Jimmy from the bookstore reminded parents that the deadline is April 6 for cadets
to be measured for dress whites. Juniors wear them to Ring Dance and seniors wear them to graduation. Jimmy will be measuring incoming freshman soon after that.

Meeting adjourned 19:30.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brenda Quinn and Ann Quill
MMAPA Co- Secretaries