MMAPA Fourth Quarter Meeting
May 10, 2016
Blinn Hall, MMA

1730-1830: ORDER PICK UP- Steins, Certs, Glassware

1800-1830: SOCIAL MEET AND GREET- Refreshments

Meeting called to order at 1830 by MMAPA President Leanne Avakian

Board Members Present: Leanne Avakian, Terry Novak, Carol Eccleston, Marilyn Cyr, Karan Scopa, Brenda Quinn, Marie Rossi and Deirdre MacInnis,

Michelle Badger, Advancement – Michelle Badger provided an update on the Senior Class Campaign. She explained again how the campaign works; the goal is to acquire 50% participation from the senior class participate in raising money for MMA. As regards the MMA VS SUNY senior class fundraising competition; MMA- 28%, SUNY-15% participation. There will also be an additional workshop on May 11, 2016 at 1600 for seniors on the subject of how to buy your first home. The ultimate financial goal is $5000. Michelle also shared that MMA is hoping to fund a memorial on campus for the two fallen alumni from the El Faro.

Leanne reported to Michelle and our membership that the online fundraising effort to bolster the MMAPA Endowed Scholarship Fund netted $2050. Leanne gave Michelle a check for said amount.

2/C Thomas Macantee, Incoming Regimental Commander – Mr. Macantee stated that his primary area of focus will be morale. His hope is to boost morale so more cadets will aspire to earn leadership positions at the Academy. He has seen a decline in desire. He plans to get involved with the cadets in hopes they will aspire for positions in leadership. Timothy Wolanin is the Watch Commander, Lexi Halpin is the incoming Executive Officer who will be available to parents, and Rashida Plummer is the incoming TRO Officer. (Training and Retention Officer)

1/C Ryan Frost, SGA President – Mr. Frost reported that his brother, 3/C Ryan Frost, ran unopposed for succession SGA President. He reported that there have been many events enjoyed by cadets this year such as the sports clubs, the Ring Dance, Spirit of Boston Cruise, food trucks offering whoopee pies, coffee/donuts, as well as massages. The SGA also provided planned a game show with a comedian from HBO, as well as, Critter for Cozies! The SGA is not allowed to carry over a lot of funding from one year to the next but they do save some in reserve. They are planning to have a cook-out complete with steak-tips next year. There is still much to look forward to this year, such as, Emory Rice Day and a cookout that will include blow-up balls and even mechanical bulls! President Frost reported that there are 6 committees per class with a total of 52 representatives that attend meetings 2X/week to discuss what students are interested in with regard to activities.

Dr. Heather Burton, MSEP Faculty Representative – MSEP Winter Term 2016 brief. Dr. Heather Burton introduced herself, stating she holds a Ph.D in Oceanography and has been working at the Academy for the past 4 years. Forty-two freshman cadets along with two senior rates went to the Virgin Islands during Winter Term 2016. Both, Dr. Burton and Dr.Kris Jop, accompanied the group. Dr. Gary Jaroslow was unable to go. The goals set by the staff for the cadets included; 1). Bonding and 2). to experience a science and a field component. The cadets were responsible for journaling daily. The goal was to keep the cadets very busy; they were constantly in the field, either providing community service of working on ecology projects. They learned how organisms interact with each other and act within their environment. The cadets enjoyed snorkeling; viewing terrestrial sites as well as trail sites. They were broken up into groups of 4. The cadets were also exposed to geology in St. John and Virgin Gorda. There were giant boulders there, and they hiked through trails and learned about local culture. They had a guest speaker who was an expert on the medicinal value of plants. They were also exposed to local music; i.e. drumming and dancing. This area was secluded so it allowed for personal reflection and development. They were asked to write letters home and many wrote to their moms! The cadets were very busy and took showers as quickly as in orientation! They enjoyed basketball and volleyball and volunteered to move heavy items while the staff did necessary paperwork. The staff was told how respectful the MMA cadets were. They are planning the same trip next year, but the staff has learned a lot with regard to preparation. There were no injuries reported.

A parent remarked that feedback from their cadet was very positive, a great bonding experience.

Parent question: What were the time frames slated for the trips next year? Commentary included the desire to have time to take a Winter Term class if the schedule permitted. Dr. Burton stated that plans are to travel the same dates 1/31-2/11. The parent suggested perhaps they could rethink the timing to allow a cadet time to take a course if desired, versus three weeks of down time, two weeks away and again four weeks of down time. Dr. Burton appreciated the suggestion and perhaps will attempt to shuffle the time to allow better use of the break however it cannot be done next year, 2017, as it is already scheduled.

The MMAPA business meeting followed the presentations.


A request for motion was made to pass/accept the March meeting minutes as presented. Motion was made, 2nd and passed unanimously.

TREASURER’s REPORT – M. Cyr/ C. Eccleston

An amendment was made to December-March Treasurer’s Report – Money was recorded towards certificates that should have been recorded in steins. It was noted that the beginning and end balance was the same. A request for motion was made to accept amended report as presented. Motion was made, 2nd and passed unanimously.

March-May Treasurer’s Report was presented by Carol Eccleston and Marilyn Cyr. A request for motion was made to accept March-May Treasurer’s Report as presented. Motion was made, 2nd and passed unanimously.

Discussion regarding end of year scholarship donation recommendation to be $22-$24K completed presentation.


Recent open house events tallied 160 visitors, six groups of folks touring MMA. There will be two Welcome Aboard Events this year; May 14 and May 21. This has not been done in the past. May 14 is for licensed majors and May 21 is for non-licensed majors. Marie invited folks to volunteer even if they only have a couple of hours. She advised all that these events in particular are huge sell days for the MMAPA. She is asking for people for both the MMAPA table which will be set up in the mess deck, as well as for tours. The incoming class number is at 440 so far (500 expected). Marie advised all to be on the lookout for future posts with regard to Sea Bag Week.


There was no new business to report. Dee said good-bye as her son will be graduating! She will be missed! She spoke about the events she oversees such as the Return Dinner and compiling a list of local hotels and/or accommodations families of cadets can utilize when in Buzzards Bay.


No one present wishes to run that hasn’t already expressed interest in doing so.

ROLL CALL OF BALLOT; short bio/introductions from those interested in vacated board positions were presented by individuals running for board positions.


President – William Tranter

Vice-President – Terry Novak

Co-Secretary – Brenda Quinn

Co-Secretary – Karan Scopa

Co-Treasurer – Lori Thompson

Co-Treasurer – Sue Pickering

Admissions Liaison – Marie Rossi (Jun-Dec)

Admissions Liaison – Jennifer Shults (Dec-Jun)

Hospitality Chair – Nancy Franks

Having expressed a prior interest in assuming the role of Admissions Liaison for the balance of the year were she to not win the role of president, Jen Shults graciously accepted the request to fill this much needed role for the second half of the year. A request for motion was made to vote Ms Shults in as the Admissions Liaison for the time frame of approximately December 15, 2016 – June 20, 2017, 2nd, passed unanimously. It was noted that Marie Rossi will need to step down early as her son is slated to graduate early.

Motion to adjourn, 1936

Passed unanimously

Respectfully Submitted: Karan Scopa, Brenda Quinn