MMAPA 4th Quarter Meeting
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Blinn Hall, MMA

Meeting called to order at 1831 (6:31 pm) 18 parents present plus 5 cadets, 2 as tech support.

MMAPA Board Members Present: Ann Marie Seier, Carol Eccleston, Marie Rossi, Marianne MacLeod, Marilyn Cyr, Leanne Avakian, Deirdre MacInnis and Kim Farber.

Leanne welcomed everyone to the 4th quarter meeting and then introduced Adm Gurnon.   This was the last MMAPA meeting for him.

Adm. Richard Gurnon –   He explained he has worked at MMA for 37 years – 10 years as President. He said the school is in a spectacular place now. $150m in construction projects have been completed.  There are still three projects coming up – 2 paid for and one that is half paid for.   Usually there are approximately 425 incoming cadets each year. This year they increased the capacity to 450 cadets.   They just received notice that there will be 500 cadets coming in September.   The school is in great shape and there are lots of talented cadets going to the academy now. We have raised the bar. The funding stream looks good. MMA has the lowest price of all state universities.

Adm Gurnon next spoke about the search for a new president for MMA. There are five applicants who are being considered. He said all are spectacular and believes we will see an improvement in where the school is going.   He will be leaving on August 22, 2015.  He also feels strongly that the MMA Parents Association is a very powerful tool for the Academy that works in conjunction with the Academy to help our parents. Our parents are the best public relations personnel we have.

MMAPA farewell to Adm. R. Gurnon – by MMAPA President, Leanne Avakian

She presented Adm Gurnon with a special certificate that outlined a new scholarship that will be awarded in his name and thanked him for all his support over the years. The Board voted unanimously “To give a scholarship that will be awarded to a Cadet heading into their senior year, who exemplifies the personality and qualities of Adm Gurnon”. The total raised is $5,270, which will allow for one $1,000 scholarship for each of the next five years to be awarded in his honor. Adm Gurnon loved it and thanked everyone for such a wonderful gift. Leanne thanked Adm Gurnon on behalf of the MMAPA and wished him well in his retirement.

Michele Badger, Advancement Office – Update to include a very successful year.

The Phone-a-thon is coming close to this year’s goal. It is the third year of this program.   This is a student-job opportunity which employs about 25-30 cadets.

The MMA Challenge just finished up. We beat Maine!! We had 6.5% participation and Maine had 6.4% participation. Our flag will fly on Maine’s campus one day in the fall – probably during a sporting event where we play them.

The Senior Class campaign is in full swing. They are trying to make the class meet a goal of $5,000 and 50% participation – The total amount will be gifted to any part of academy. Right now they are only at 37% participation. Need 43 more seniors give a gift of $5 or more. $20.15 will get them a glass with their ring artwork on it.   Please ask your senior to make a gift if they haven’t already. Capt. Rozak and Cmdr. Kelliher will jump into Buzzards Bay on May 19th if the goal is met.   An alumnus offered a $5,000 match and wants two staff members to jump into Buzzards Bay.   This would be the biggest senior class campaign gift.

Dress Down Day – All proceeds from this relaxed attire went directly towards the John Garvey Scholarship.

The Advancement office offered several meetings with “life lessons” for senior cadets.  The goal is to learn different life skills to help cadets succeed beyond MMA, i.e., how to buy a house, how to invest their hard earned money and etiquette techniques.   Michele asked parents to save the dates for the fall – Admiral’s Gala on October 17th – held in the new Mess Desk and Homecoming October 2nd-4th.   They are always looking for help on these events. Leanne thanked Michele for sharing all this helpful information with parents.

Regimental Update – Capt. Ed Rozak   “The Wedge”

Gale McGilvray, Commandant of Cadets – to present his information/update

He enjoyed the year as Commandant of Cadets and explained the process for choosing one of the candidates for this position in “The Wedge”. There is a long interview process for cadets wishing to participate in regimental positions, which include special assignments, interviews, etc. All candidates were qualified and gave 100%. Gale McGilvray introduced Alex Rozak who will be the next Commandant of Cadets, 2015-2016.

He also explained at the company level, the cadets went through the same process for all those positions. Looking ahead, there will be an awesome team in place for next year.

Alex Rozak introduced himself. He is from Plymouth and is an energy systems major. After the Change of Command on May 20th he will assume his role and is excited to get going. He shared educational background and was a transfer student from UMass Amherst and came to MMA in 2014. He was then bumped up to sophomore and is a junior as a Squad Leader this year. He is Capt. Rozak’s son and is very familiar with how the school works.

Incoming Freshmen Class (Class of 2019) – Capt. Ed Rozak

He explained that some “melt” will occur as some students accepted will change their mind about attending. He stated this shows the value of the education received here. The Orientation Cruise will leave some kids back – but not the freshman – company commanders.

2016 SEA TERM update – Capt. Ed Rozak

Capt. Rozak shared with parents that MMA is starting Sea Term council meetings to prepare for the 2016 Sea Term. The KENNEDY will be going through the Panama Canal. There are two cruises to choose from and plans are not yet finalized. Locations include Chili, Panama City, Aruba and Key West or Chili, Costa Rica, Panama City and Key West.   Capt. Rozak is the chairperson, joined by faculty members including Capt. Thomas Bushy and certain cadets, who together, make the final decision.

CONSTRUCTION update – The front of Mess Deck should be done by this Saturday for Welcome Aboard.   At Welcome Aboard, the cadets will get their physical, attend brief presentations and visit different areas of the Academy.  The SGA has done a great job this year and offered great events for the cadets.

Capt. Rozak then pulled the winners name for the scholarship raffle; anyone who donated to the Adm Gurnon scholarship was entered – The Woodley Family won.

Sean Hurley-Delvecchio spoke next and discussed the SGA. He shared dates and info from the SGA and said this has been a very busy semester, including the Ring dance @ 60 State Street; Red Sox game outing which included 100 cadets who all had a great time. The SGA subsidizes ticket prices and cadets paid about $10/ticket. There is a Paint ball trip this Friday and 40 cadets going. Buc vans will be used to transport cadets to the facility.

Welcome Aboard is this Saturday and the SGA plans a presentation in the gym. SGA cadets will volunteer on Saturday at the Special Olympics event at Barnstable High School. They also do fundraisers throughout the year, i.e, Dress Down days, etc. They had a Calzone Eating Contest last week. A team of two ate one in 7-8 minutes. There is a Senior Social next week @ the Waquessette Inn, on Pleasant Bay in Harwich.   It is a kind of Good-Bye Dinner.   Tuesday is Emory Rice Day – there will be a concert, which hasn’t been done in 20 years.   This will be free for cadets and they can bring a guest. Sammy Adams is the guest entertainment.

Ryan Frost – will be the new SGA president, 2015 – 2016.

Leanne thanked Capt. Rozak and the other cadets for attending and sharing information tonight.

PQ – Was a professional photographer present at the Ring Dance?          Yes, Eileen Nelson. She will put up a contact email soon.


March Meeting Minutes – available on line for review. A motion was made to accept March Minutes as presented, 2nd – and with no further discussion, motion passed to accept.

Treasurers Report – March 11, 2015 through May 13, 2015 reviewed.   Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented, 2nd and with no further discussion, motion passed to accept.

It was noted that this includes a portion of Adm Gurnon scholarship funds.

Proposed scholarship donation amount – could be between $20-22,000. We are waiting until after welcome aboard to decide on an amount, as this is a great fundraising event. Total for the year will be $43,000.

Cruise Raffle – Carol shared the Cruise Raffle winners sent some photos from the Cruise and also sent a wonderful “Thank You” card. The Board will keep everyone posted on next year’s Cruise Raffle info.

New Items for Sale:        Marilyn showed off our latest fundraising items –

1) A 16” natural canvas tote with navy bottom with matching straps proudly displaying “Massachusetts Maritime Academy” over a grey compass, which will sell for $20 each;

2) For a $1.00 or more donation, parents will receive a MMA rubber bracelet or key chain.

Steins & Certificate update – Marilyn stated Steins & Certificates pre-paid still need to be picked up.  There will be another opportunity in the near future for pick-ups.

Admissions Liaison Report – Marie thanked everyone who recently volunteered for the Open House. Parent volunteers are a great help at all events. This Saturday – Welcome Aboard – volunteers are needed from 8 a.m. to 4pm. Anyone who can help can email Marie @

SEABAG WEEK – This is our next huge event. It will run Wednesday through Monday, the 2nd or 3rd week in August. Youngie’s pick up their Sea Bag gear on Saturday, then Sunday is return/change day and Monday is breakdown day. This is a great way to meet other parents, make new friends and learn from other seasoned parents and alumni what lies ahead. It is a great way to network and create new contacts. A reminder that incoming freshman can not have their parents volunteer on Saturday or Sunday; set-up and breakdown days only.

Hospitality Report – Dee indicated that things are quiet now. Our big event happens in February for Return Dinner.   If anyone has any special ideas for the Return Dinner, kindly email Deirdre @ She will welcome any suggestions.

Leanne also explained how Dee facilitates connections, especially out-of-state parents. The Parent Liaison/Host Family list is very helpful.

New Business

Election of MMAPA Officers – 2015/2016 Academic year.

Anne Marie took a roll call of the individual candidates who are running.

There were three new candidates present; one for Vice President and two for (2) Co-Secretary positions. All other positions have only one candidate for re-election. All three new candidates introduced themselves.

A tally was done by Election Ballot – 22 votes for each person running – Congratulations to everyone!

Leanne thanked Anne Marie, Marianne and Kim for all their hard work for the past three years and presented each with a gift in recognition as a token of our appreciation.   Their cadets are graduating; Class of 2015.

Election Results:

Leanne Avakian – President

Terry Novak* – Vice President

Marie Rossi – Admissions Liaison

Deirdre MacInnis – Hospitality Chair

Marilyn Cyr & Carol Eccleston – Co-Treasurers

Karen Scopa* & Brenda Quinn* – Co-Secretaries

*New candidates elected

With no further questions or issues, motion made to adjourn meeting, 2nd and approved unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 1935 (7:35 pm)

Next Meeting: 1st Quarter Meeting 2015 – 2016

September, 2015 – 6:00 PM

Blinn Hall as scheduling allows, details to be announced.

Respectfully submitted: Marianne MacLeod & Kim Farber, Co-Secretaries