May 3, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 18:30 by MMAPA President Bill Tranter.

Introduction of the Board Members

Board members present:  Bill Tranter, Terry Novak, Brenda Quinn, Nancy Franks and Lori Thompson.

Welcome Address:  President Bill Tranter welcomed all the parents in attendance and those watching via webcast.  The executive board introduced themselves.  Bill Tranter thanked Capt. Rozak for his assistance throughout the year.  The MMAPA has a tentative agreement with Follett Book Store for $10,000 to benefit cadets.


Capt. Rozak introduced the Regimental Commander for 2017-2018, Mikayla Correira.  He talked about the application process, focusing on the top five regimental positions.  There were twenty candidates for the top five positions.  There was a lengthy application, a series of interviews conducted by current regimental staff as well as Academy staff and each candidate had to give a presentation.   Everyone did a great job and Capt. Rozak stated that next year will be an incredible year.  Each year gets better and better!

Capt. Rozak  gave a bio of Regimental Commander, Mikayla Correira.  He stated she is a two sport athlete, an Emery Rice Scholar and a successful IMBU student holding a 3.6 GPA. She was Second Co. squad leader and orientation leader.  She is from Dartmouth, MA.   Mikayla thanked the Parents Association and expressed how much she is looking forward to working with everyone and said she is open to suggestions.

Capt. Rozak mentioned upcoming events, Ring Dance is Friday May 5th at the Park Plaza in Boston and the Change of Command Ceremony May 24 15:30;  people should plan to arrive by 15:00.  The ship is still in NJ, not in dry dock yet.  Navy ship repairs bumped the Kennedy after the Navy ship failed a sea trial.  A year extension for the work has been requested because it is very expensive to leave the ship there.  The request is pending approval by the USCG.

A lot of construction projects are on hold around campus while President McDonald works with the government for approval; they include a new building with plans to use existing space for portable classrooms- 6 total.   A new turf baseball field complete with lights has been approved; mid-October is the scheduled completion date.  The field will be a great addition because fall scheduling is tight.  The plan is to also rent it; the Academy has already received calls, one from the Cape Cod Baseball League. Other projects are continuing; the pier project-flotation devices as well as the hydro turbines hopefully completed this fall.  The new parking lot is complete.

There are 350 graduating seniors, 50 earning Master’s degrees. The graduating class is a little larger than last year.  485 incoming freshman, the goal is to maintain 450.  Dorms are at capacity.  The Academy has a new lease with Buttermilk Bay Inn, Wareham, it is completely remodeled.  The plan is for 90 seniors to live there this fall.  It will be called the Mariners Inn at Buttermilk Bay.   It is unclear at this time how the students will be chosen; it will likely go by GPA and good standing.  Some can’t live there i.e. the regimental staff.

There are two Welcome Aboard sessions scheduled for incoming students and their parents; non-licensed majors- May 13 and licensed majors- May 20.  Coast Guard exams are May 15-18.  The week beginning May 22 the SGA has activities scheduled every day.  A comedian from SNL, Alex Moffat, will be at the academy along with two other comedians.

Parent ?-  Are all the cadets allowed to go?  Answer: yes.  Other activities include Emery Rice day, food trucks in addition to Change of Command.

Capt. Rozak stated that next year’s sea term will hopefully be defined by the end of next week, they are going to the Caribbean again, but the committee, comprised of ship staff and 4 cadets will vote on exact destinations and present their choice to the president.  The goal is to have it published by the end of the school year.  Tuition bills are mailed out July 1 due July 15.  If unpaid a letter will be mailed out August 1 to pay by August 15 or you lose your slot.  These dates will also be posted on the parents’ blog.

Parent ?-  During the week of coast guard exams, is it business as usual for all non- licensed majors?  Answer: yes.

Parent ?- Concerned that there aren’t enough summer internships for 2C’s due to a limited number of ships for commercial shipping.

Answer:  Every cadet will have an assignment although it might not be their first choice and/or have to double up but all will be matched up.  Engineers will be better off, they don’t need as much sea time to sit for their license and there are more shore side opportunities.

Parent ?-  Will they be able to get in their maintenance hours  with the ship gone?

Answer:  Many cadets procrastinated; they can’t decrease number of hours for licensed majors but did decrease hours for non- licensed majors. .. Capt. Lima is placing them now, some at the marina, some at small boats etc… The TS Kennedy is due to return June 1, therefore there will be plenty of maintenance hours.

Capt. Rozak picked the two raffle winners of the Friday night stay at Marriot Town Suites on June 16 along with  4 VIP seats and a parking pass for graduation.

The winners are:

Mike & Nancy Opachinski    Kingston, MA

Christopher J. Rastallis          East Falmouth, MA


Senior Class Campaign.  Ultimate financial goal is $5,000,  She explained how the campaign works, the goal is to acquire 50% participation from the senior class in raising money for MMA.  They are funding a memorial for the two fallen alumni from the El Faro.   Spirit day had to be cancelled due to rain, but the cookie café and Bucs4Bucks  were a big success raising $3000.

There is a workshop for seniors by Santander Bank on how to buy your first house.

MMAPA Business

SECRETARY’S REPORT                                 Brenda Quinn

Approval of March 2017 minutes posted for review.  A motion was made to approve, 2nd and voted unanimously to approve said minutes as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT                            L. Thompson/S. Pickering

Report given by L. Thompson.  Motion was made to approve 2nd  and voted unanimously to approve Treasurer’s report as presented.

ADMISSION LIAISON’S REPORT                               M. Rossi (not present)

President Bill Tranter gave the report in Marie’s absence.    He reported that volunteers will be needed on the two Welcome Aboard days in May.  Reminder that there are now two Welcome Aboard days, one for license majors and one for non- license majors.  If anyone can spare time on either May 13 and/or 20,  please meet in the mess deck at 8am, we expect to work until 1:30-2pm, but any amount of time you can give is appreciated.  If you are a new parent remember you know more than you think you know.  Sea bag distribution week is a busy, fun time.  It’s an opportunity to meet a lot of people.  Any parent may volunteer the week of August 8-14 however if you are a parent of an incoming freshman you are not allowed to work drop off day, August 19.

The Parents Association will again raffle off seats on the field for orientation graduation as well as parking passes.

Parent statement:   Sherrie Hughes stated that she won last year but had family she wished to sit with.  She gave her on field passes to an elderly couple who were looking for seats, they told her afterwards how much they appreciated it especially because their cadet was in 7th Co , right in front of where they were sitting!

Parent ?-  Will the MMAPA be selling the passes at welcome aboard?

Answer:  No they will be sold orientation graduation day, Welcome Aboard is too soon.

HOSPITALITY CHAIR’S REPORT                              N. Franks

Nancy has dual roles; Hospitality Chair as well as Follow the Voyage representative.  Nancy explained that the Follow the Voyage program was very successful!  Nancy is proposing to rename the program to Follow the Voyage, Share the Experience.  She is imaging a program highlighting the happenings across all majors.  Cadets that are on commercial ships can e-mail pictures etc… This will be a great way to showcase the entire school.

New Business

Bill Tranter stated that parent Mike Quinn is helping to design the 2018 version of  “the shirt”.  There will be a limited amount of this item and they will hopefully be ready for sale by drop-off day.


The candidates introduced themselves,   Ann Quill, candidate for secretary, was in China therefore her bio was read by Terry Novak MMAVP while her picture was shown.

MMAPA Board 2017-2018

Bill Tranter-        President

Rick Carberry-   Vice President

Brenda Quinn & Ann Quill-    Co-Secretaries

Lori Thompson & Sue Pickering-  Co- Treasurers

Nancy Franks- Hospitality Chair

Sherrie Hughes- Admissions Liaison

A parent suggested that it would be great if the area surrounding the Academy tied in to the theme of the school.  One thought was perhaps business could display MMA “garden “ flags to welcome cadets.  An idea to hold a contest was also mentioned.  Michelle Badger will reach out to the school’s town liaison.

Meeting adjourned 19:48.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Quinn MMAPA Secretary