MMAPA 2nd Quarter Meeting
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Blinn Hall, MMA
Meeting called to order at 1831 (6:31 pm)
MMAPA Board Members Present: Chris Mucciarone, Ann Marie Seier, Deb Migridichian, Marianne MacLeod, Marilyn Cyr, Leanne Avakian, Deirdre MacInnis and Kim Farber.
General Membership: 14 members present, including 8 Board Members. Cadet Parents, friends & families were present with several others via video telephone/conference.
Welcome Address: President Chris Mucciarone welcomed parents & friends both present and via video/phone conference.
Chris introduced Capt. Rozak who will be reviewing some “hot topics”.
Admiral Gurnon was unable to attend this evening. There are a couple of issues going on within student life on campus.
Ann Marie Fallon, Chief of Information is here tonight to discuss internet/web issues and solutions.
MMA Campus Construction Update – Captain Rozak on behalf of Admiral Gurnon
Improvements will continue throughout the summer. It will start to ramp up early June and increase after graduation.
All companies are being worked on with new heads & showers upgraded.
Dorms: Nearly complete and 4th company will be ready the next academic year.
Capt. Rozak’s Office: This summer, his office is moving into a trailer until December, 2014 and the space converted for cadet room(s).
Mail Room: Mail slots will be removed and converted into an indoor gymnasium. There will still be mail boxes available for out of towners as well as exchange students. Only about 200 mail boxes are actually used. Cadets are excited for the better use of the space.
The Hurley Building (old Library): Will house the School Store on the ground level;
Career Services: Will move in, with a target date of early October;
School Store: Will move into the Baystate for the summer.

Mess Deck: Renovation starts June 1st rapidly moving forward right after graduation with a
seating capacity of 1,000 including a patio area.
The Fantail: To be renovated and increased to a capacity of approximately 100. This area
serves as a highly successful Grab-n-Go providing approx. 1400 meals/week
served including breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Pier Project: Well underway near the training ship TS Kennedy.
Gymnasium: Renovation of the current gym is also in the plans.
Facilities Building: Plans for a $20 million Education Building will go where the current Facilities Building is located.
Dates to Remember – Capt. Rozak
May 9th – Ring Dance, 60 State Street, Boston.
May 12th through 15th – USCG Exams
May 17th – Welcome Aboard for new cadets and their families. There will be about 14 physicians on campus to perform physicals. In the past, cadets were required to obtain physicals from their own physicians; however, 85% of the paperwork was not complete/missing vital information. This will ensure documents will be correct.
May 21st – Maritime Day and Change of Command at 1600
June 11th – Final exams
June 21st – Graduation
Parent question – When can cadets check out of school for the year?
Freshman have to stay until the last scheduled day in order to clean the company; they
must fill out a Special Liberty form in order to leave earlier or leave on days they do not
have finals. All other Cadets can leave as soon as they have completed their final exams
and clean their room.
Parent question – Could you explain US Coast Guard exams?
The exams consist of 7 modules over a 5-day period. The US Coast Guard administers
this test for both licensed majors – Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation—
and it takes place in the school gym.
The US Coast Guard issues the licenses:
3rd mate for Marine Transportation;
3rd engineer for Marine Engineering.
Licensed cadets have to take the exam as a “package deal”. Cadets earn a B.S. Marine
Transportation Degree or a B.S. Marine Engineering Degree plus their USCG License.
There are 7 sections to the test. The passing grades range from 70% to 90%, differing
with each section. A cadet can fail up to 2 sections; if 3 are failed the entire test needs
to be retaken in Boston at a later date.
Parent Question-Is it entirely a written exam?
Yes, it’s a multiple choice exam, with calculations. The Cadets take a course that

reviews the test. They review approximately 1,300 questions. Cadets practice the test
during the seminar and it is an extremely stressful time for the cadets.
Parent Question: Is this just for seniors?
Parent Question: When do they find out the results?
Results are learned as soon as they complete the test.
Parent Question: What is the percentage of cadets that pass?
96% last year passed.
E- MAIL – Capt. Rozak
MMA staff wanted to address the email sent out to all cadets, which was then shared with the parent’s group.
“Yik-Yak” phone app downloaded for social media. It is downloaded onto their smart phones. It’s restricted access to a local area. There were problems in local high schools and it was banned from the area, but the college level differs because of the age involved. People are putting inappropriate comments on it. He was made aware of it a few days ago, but wasn’t really too concerned at the time. However, all of a sudden it became apparent that people were starting to cross the line, attacking individuals, especially cadets, by name, saying inappropriate things that are criminal based. This was the reason for the email. He is hoping by sending out the email that it stops the inappropriate posts. The Massachusetts State Police have been contacted and will be meeting with Administration tomorrow. This is a very serious issue. They are communicating threats, racial comments to staff and other cadets. Material posted recycles itself every 24 hours. The administration will be trying to put a stop to this counter productive behavior.
Parent Question-What will the consequences be?
There are two avenues:
1. Any criminal activity is turned over to the police;
2. MMA takes normal administrative action, i.e. Cyberbulling is not tolerated and a cadet could be dismissed from the school.
Career services gives classes on appropriate behavior with social media. Capt. Rozak explained that many human resource people from companies that hire students are looking at social media before they hire cadets.
MMA brings in police officers from the Massachusetts State Police who deal with cybercrimes. They use sophisticated applications to help investigate information.
SEA TERM Changes – Capt. Rozak
They will split up the freshman who go on Sea Term into 3 groups;

Cadets will declare their major in the fall, prior to Sea Term, rather than in the spring;
Group A – Marine Transportation majors will be going on Sea Term for the full 6 weeks;
All others will go on a 3-week split Sea Term (groups B and C);
Group B-goes on Sea Term the first 3 weeks and then will fly back to MMA;
Group C will fly from MMA to Puerto Rico and finish the Sea Term aboard the TS KENNEDY returning back to MMA;
Space is the biggest reason. The TS KENNEDY has a capacity for 600 students and 100 crew & cook staff;
50/50 split license vs. non-licensed majors;
Two years ago the freshman class was 64% licensed majors;
This year it is 68% licensed majors;
Puerto Rico is very accommodating to MMA. The TS KENNEDY docks at Pier One, downtown Old San Juan – which is very accommodating to our needs and the ship can stay there up to 6 days.
2016 Sea Term Cruise — Only licensed majors will go on the full Winter Sea Term.
– 2014 Orientation summer cruise this year will be the usual 3 days in August.
– 2015 Orientation will consist of an 8-day mini-cruise and extended orientation
into 2.5 weeks to accommodate this schedule. It provides more exposure on
our training ship TS KENNEDY to the cadets, which will provide them with a
longer maritime experience.
Parent Question- Will all Cadets still report in January?
Groups A and B will report like normal. Group C will report to MMA on January 30th and
then they’ll fly out to Puerto Rico.
Parent Question – How many cadets will be in Group C?
130 Cadets.
The groups should be equal, but right now it is not known exactly what group A will be. Also, Marine Transportation cadets need more sea time than engineers.
Parent Question – How many incoming freshmen in August?
Solid 400 students.
Parent Question-How many do you think will actually declare a licensed major just to go on cruise?
The Dean thinks it will be 60-65%
Parent Question – will the Sea Term training cruise go to Panama?
Maybe in 2016 or 2017. If it’s a 4-year window, then yes.
Parent Question — Class of 2017 licensed Cadets – if they won’t be able to go on Sea Term, because they are doing commercial, can they go on commercial during the summer so they can take advantage of the Sea Term going to the Panama Canal?

This is more academic…they don’t like to deviate from this. It is difficult to get
commercial billets. Capt. Rozak will find out the answer and send an email to the
parent’s group.
Parent Question-Is there always commercial co-op’s available?
Yes there are always commercial ships to intern on.
Parent Question – For the split Sea Term – will sophomore Marine Engineering majors still go?
Yes – the goal is for all licensed majors to go on the ship.
Parent Question-What’s the % of women and minorities applying to MMA? Does it affect federal aid?
It doesn’t affect federal aid.
15% women & 12% – minorities
Parent Question-Do Shanghai students affect those numbers?
No, wish we could.
Parent Question-What is the % of women coming in?
As of right now 12%, it’s low.
Parent Question- What was it this year?
Parent Question — Is construction on top of 4th company complete?
Yes, it will open up on Sept. 1st.
Parent Question-Is there enough housing for all the students coming in?
Yes – the addition gives 280 additional beds.
30 empty beds right now
60 cadets on ship currently
We will not need the TS KENNEDY next year
Parent Question-Is the Beechmoor still being used?
Yes. 13 cadets are staying there.
Parent Question-Are there any plans to add academic offerings during the winter terms?
Capt. Rozak will ask the Dean to respond to that. Not sure of plans. There has been talk
about increasing what is being offered. Capt. Rozak feels there may be a full winter
term in the future.
Parent Question — Class of 2015 – how many women were chosen for regimental positions?
Regimental positions – top 11 – one woman

Company positions – no women
Parent Question — Why aren’t there more women? Why are not more women represented?
Good question. Didn’t have very many women apply. They offered women the position
and they said no.
Ann Marie Fallon, MMA VP & CIO – introduced by Capt. Rozak Ann Marie spoke about the wireless network issues cadets have been experiencing on campus. In 2013 the MMA administration wanted to make sure there were hard wire connections throughout the dorms. New network switches have been installed. As of tonight, the entire project is completed. New WiFi network means higher speed. Students are really pleased with this new set-up.
There is a new printing solution with mobile printing capability – cadets can print from their smart phone to a printer on campus.
Real help desk for technical support is located in the library at the circulation desk. Also, there is a phone number for cadets to call, as well as an email address for additional technical support. There are expanded library hours M-Th to 11:00 pm; Saturday 10-6, Sunday 2-10.
Parent Question-Are the hours being posted for students to know?
An email went out. Anne Marie will see if this information is posted around campus.
Chris asked about an email from the parents’ board, where a cadet needed color copies – is there availability to print that. Blackboard is there for students to use and show their professor. The library could help someone print a color copy.
Parent Question – Where are printers located?
In the ABSIS Building (Library).
Parent Question-Can they still use Wi-Fi in the dorm?
Chris Mucciarone thanked Anne Marie for her presentation.
Secretary’s Report – Marianne MacLeod, Co-Secretary
Secretaries Report presented with copies provided. 2014 March Meeting Minutes – correction noted on page 3 under parent question.
Says MS and EP – should read MSEP. – just a “typo” noted.
No further questions noted.
Motion requested to accept Minutes with correction by Chris – motion made, 2nd. And accepted with correction unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report – Marilyn Cyr, Co-Treasurer
Updated treasurer’s Report presented, copies provided, see hand-out.
Re-cap fundraisers from this past year
Steins, certificates and etched glassware
130 glassware – income of $1,503.
Certificates – 112 – $2,240
Steins – 187 – $4,675.
$8,418 – total
Motion requested to accept Treasurer’s Report – motion made, 2nd and accepted as presented
Cruise Raffle update – Deb Migridichian, Co-Treasurer
Cruise raffle tickets for next year:
1. Reservation Booked – deposit given – $340
2. Travel date: April 18th to April 25th
3. “Princess Royal” will be the cruise ship
4. Tickets ordered but not paid for yet, but ready to sell at Orientation drop-off in
Sea Term T-shirts
All stocked and ready to go for next academic year.
$2,000 of expenses will be forthcoming, between now and late fall.
Parent Question-how many scholarships were awarded?
(45) $500 scholarships were awarded by the MMAPA;
A grand total of $40,000 in scholarships awarded this year alone, our highest ever!!
$17,500 was presented at Sea Term for 2015.
Admission Liaison Report – Leanne Avakian, Admissions Liaison
Recent Open House and had a great turnout of volunteers.
Next event is Welcome Aboard – we will need a lot of volunteers on May 17th.
Sea Bag Week – Leanne will post for volunteers shortly, probably in June. August 11th-
Monday-Saturday and then clean-up following Monday.
Chris reiterated that we really need men for the 1st couple of days due to all the heavy
Parent Question- Can cadets be recruited to help?
Yes, and some volunteer.
Parent Question-Can cadets do their community service?
There were a few at orientation. This is also put in the request for volunteers post – no
incoming freshmen are allowed to help.

Chris Mucciarone advised new officers to review by-laws. They should be reviewed/updated on a semi-annual basis.
Election of New Officers for next year, 2014 – 2015
Each Board Member introduced themselves together with the new applicants.
Ballots distributed, vote cast with results tallied.
Parent Question-Are there any new ideas for fundraising?
Yes – deck of cards with the TS Kennedy on them.
Parent suggestion – wall calendar with pictures from previous Sea Terms
We always welcome any new ideas.
Michelle L. Badger, Assistant Director of Advancement
Michelle spoke about her office’s successful activities this year, including:
1. MMA Challenge – MMA is going up against Maine Maritime for classes 1999-2013 trying to encourage Alumni to participate in their Annual Fund. – Currently there is a contest under way and the winner has to fly the other school’s flag at their campus. Percentage of participation is the factor – $$ is not a factor.
– They have made lots of calls to Alumni.
2. Senior Class Campaign
– Is Admiral Gurnon going to be jumping into Buzzards Bay in his Dress Whites?
– Right now they are 40 people below 50%;
– There is 28% participation. This needs to be at least 50%.
– $790 away from their goal; if goal is met, the plunge will be on May 20th.
– Money raised goes to Annual Fund, scholarships, etc.
– Different activities have been offered to graduates, i.e. Financial Expert Seminar among many others.
Parent Question-How many seniors are there? 197 June graduates
Homecoming – September 26th and 27th, 2014.
There will be new events throughout the weekend. Schedule will be announced.
Leanne Avakian thanked Chris and Deb for all their hard work for the past few years and presented each with a gift in recognition as a token of our appreciation.
Chris Mucciarone shared her experience over the past 4 ½ years. She thanked all the parents involved. Deb said “ditto”.
Chris and Deb will be available for any future consultations.

Election Results:
Leanne Avakian – President
Ann Marie Seier – Vice President
Co-Treasurers – Marilyn Cyr & Carol Eccleston
Co-Secretary – Marianne MacLeod & Kim Farber
Adm. Liaison – Marie Rossi
Hospitality – Deirdre MacInnis
With no further questions or issues, Chris asked for a motion to adjourn meeting, 2nd and approved unanimous.
Meeting adjourned 2016 hours (8:06 PM).
Next Meeting: 3rd Quarter Meeting
September, 2014 – 6:00 PM
Blinn Hall as scheduling allows,
Respectfully submitted: Marianne MacLeod & Kim Farber, Co-Secretaries