May 8, 2018

Social – Meet and Greet – 18:00-18:30

Meeting called to order at 18:30 by MMAPA President Bill Tranter.

Welcome Address and Introduction of Board Members

Board members present:     Bill Tranter, Sherrie Hughes, Lori Thompson,

Sue Pickering, Nancy Franks, Rick Carberry, Brenda Quinn, Ann Quill

Board Members absent:       None

Regimental Update            Captain Edward Rozak

Vice President of Student Services

Captain Rozak encouraged parents to attend Change of Command on May 23 at 1600 on the football field with a small reception afterwards at the ABS Information Commons.

Welcome Aboard events are scheduled over the next two Saturdays for a very large class of at least 450 incoming students. Massachusetts Maritime met its target class size despite challenging times because the demographics for high school aged students across the Northeast are dipping.

The Coast Guard exams start this Monday for senior license track majors.

The cadets running the yearbook want parents to know that May 16 is the deadline for parent advertisements. There is only one advertisement to date.

Finals are June 13 – 18. June 23 is graduation.

The T.S. Kennedy is still in the yard. It is scheduled to return on May 23, Maritime Day. Then it is scheduled to be turned over to Texas Maritime on May 24 for their Sea Term.

Captain Rozak introduced the new Regimental Commander, Liam Martin, who then addressed us. He graduated from Braintree High and applied only to Massachusetts Maritime. He has taken advantage of every leadership opportunity that he possibly could here and loves the leadership programs. He has learned much about himself and has met many amazing and influential people. He said he couldn’t be more thankful for what the Academy has given to him so this year he aims to give back to the Academy. This is the position of his dreams and he will put his heart and soul into it. He welcomed the Parents Association to reach out to him and his staff if we need any assistance.

MMAPA Business

SECRETARY’S REPORT                                                                     B. Quinn/A. Quill

Approval of March 8, 2018 minutes posted for review. Motion was made to accept, seconded, and voted unanimously to accept report as presented.

TREASURERS’ REPORT                                                        L. Thompson/S. Pickering Report presented by Sue Pickering. Refer to report provided at the meeting.

Motion was made to accept, seconded, and voted unanimously to accept report as presented.

Bill mentioned that the two upcoming Welcome Aboard events are big selling days and that we hope to give $30,000 in June to the Academy for scholarships. This is the highest amount ever raised by the Parents Association. The Parents Appeal has brought in about $3500 so far and will continue to the end of June. Our goal is

$5000. So, the grand total that the MMAPA will give to the Academy this year should

be about $54,000 to 55,000 as compared to a previous high of $45,000. Bill thanked all parents for their support.

ADMISSION LIAISON’S REPORT                                                                  S. Hughes

Sherrie piloted a new online volunteer signup program called Signup.Com. The trial was very successful so she will continue to use this system. She reviewed its features including the ability to send reminders to volunteers and volunteers can easily post events to their calendars.

Sea Bag Week starts Monday, August 13. The largest number of volunteers is needed on this day. Drop off day is Saturday, August 18.

Welcome Aboard volunteers should meet at 7:45 AM in the Mess Deck.

HOSPITALITY CHAIR’S REPORT                                                                 N. Franks

Nancy thanked parents for sending so many cookies and remarked upon the many different varieties. She thanked Chartwells for supporting us by donating milk. New Business

Advancement Update                   Michelle Badger

Director of Advancement

Michelle thanked the MMAPA for their support and remarked that $30,000 supports sixty scholarships.

The second annual Bucs 4 Bucs Day is tomorrow. It includes the Cookie Café, a fishing tournament, and a Dunkin Donuts truck. The point of Bucs 4 Bucs Day is Buccaneers supporting Buccaneers and to thank faculty, alumni, parents, and students for donating to the Academy.

This year’s senior class established a Cadet Emergency Fund and is raising money to permanently fund it ($25,000). This fund will be used to support students who experience some sort of tragedy. All money raised during Bucs 4 Bucs Day will be donated to this fund unless specifically designated for some other purpose. The senior class has pledged to raise $5,000 with 50% participation by May 21. There are several rewards if they reach their goals: “Bookstore Jim” Callan will jump into Buzzards Bay on Emery Rice Day, May 22; the MMA Foundation Board will donate

$5000; and, the Class of 2012 has pledged $1 for every student who makes a gift.

There are other activities tomorrow. The Class of 2012 is holding a session for cadets on how to build credit. There is a special drawing for all cadets who participate in Bucs 4 Bucs Day with many prizes including breakfast served by Captain Kelleher. There is an activity called “The Quest”. If cadets visit five to six designated offices on campus tomorrow, they get the option to enter the drawing. In addition, each office has a table giving out something such as cupcakes, candy, and pens. Finally, there will be a large thermometer located on the brick plaza showing how much money has been raised.

Jim Callan modeled the new MMAPA shirt, “Work Like a Captain, Play Like a Pirate”. It will be on sale starting tomorrow at the Cookie Café. The price is $25. Ann Quill thanked Jim for making a $305 donation to be used during next Fall’s Parents Weekend. This donation consists of a $25 gift card to Bailey’s Surf & Turf, a $30 gift certificate to Scargo Café, and a two-night stay at the Cranberry Gardens Inn in Wareham valued at $250.

Bill announced plans to form a bylaw revision committee this summer. The last time the bylaws were revised was 2013. Captain Rozak has somebody to work with the committee to make sure the bylaws are in proper form and order. Bill hopes to present them at the MMAPA December meeting. Parents who wish to volunteer for this committee should email Bill.

The MMAPA is planning a Parents Weekend on October 5, 6, and 7 (Columbus Day weekend) in conjunction with the Recognition Ceremony. All parents are invited, not just parents of Cadet Candidates. Nancy Franks is chairing this event and solicited parents to be on her committee. There are many activities planned including a cocktail party on Friday night, tailgating on Saturday at the football game, and competitions such as a cornhole tournament and ‘keep up with your cadet’s workout’. Nancy provided a list of accommodations in the area and welcomed ideas for activities from parents. For example, Nancy’s husband owns an antique cider press and will be making fresh apple cider for people. Nancy encouraged everybody to sign up for the MMAPA Facebook page where she will post information about this event as well as other activities.

Captain Kelleher drew the Senior Parents Graduation Raffle. Lori Thompson announced the two winners. They received a Friday night stay at the Marriott Towne Place Suites in Wareham, VIP parking on campus, and preferred seating at the graduation ceremony. Lori will call the winners.

Annual Election of Officers

Bill reviewed the slate of candidates for each position. The parents running for the contested positions (vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) introduced themselves. Nancy thanked the three officers who are leaving the board: Lori Thompson, Brenda Quinn, and Ann Quill.

The following candidates were elected: President         Bill Tranter

Vice-President                       Mike Buzzell

Secretary                                Stephanie Savoy Stephanie Godfrey

Treasurer                              Heather Lapham Sue Pickering

Hospitality                              Nancy Franks

Admission Liaison                 Sherrie Hughes

Bill announced that the Treasurer’s report was certified by the audit committee and everything is in order. The certification is attached to the report. This board and the incoming board will have a transition meeting in mid-June before graduation.

Meeting adjourned at 1953.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Quinn and Ann Quill, MMAPA Co- Secretaries