MMAPA Meeting May 8, 2013

Meeting at Blinn Hall called to order at 18:27 (6:27) p.m.

MMAPA Board Members Present: Chris Mucciarone, Jane Rabesa, Don Austin, Kim Farber, Deb Migridichian, Jean Mourey, Pam Meoli and Marianne MacLeod

General Membership: 26 adult members present, including 8 board members with parents, via video/phone.

Welcome Address: President Mucciarone welcomed parents & friends both present and via video/phone conference. This is the final meeting for this academic school year 2012-2013.

Administrative Updates: by Captain Rozak Captain Rozak attended the meeting on behalf of Admiral Gurnon, who was currently attending the 2013 Senior Student-Athlete Awards Banquet at the Academy’s Beachmoor Conference Center. They just got off a plane from Washington, DC leaving behind Capt. Bushy and Capt. Stevenson (5) cadets, all representing MMA.

On behalf of Admiral Gurnon, Capt. Rozak thanked all the parents on the MMAPA Executive Board for their commitment and dedication to MMA. Some board members will leave their position as their term will expire.

SALUTE TO CONGRESS The International Propeller Club of the United States is an international business network dedicated to the promotion of the maritime industry, commerce and global trade. “Propeller” in the name refers to the propulsion of ships and is symbolic of the driving force required to communicate the need for an adequate, privately-owned merchant marine for both overseas and domestic commerce.

The Propeller Club’s Salute to Congress dinner is the maritime industry’s most prestigious and anticipated annual even in the Nation’s Capital. For more than a quarter century, the Club and its members have recognized Members of Congress who champion the mission and goals of the organization, their diverse industry and our nation. All Salute to Congress honorees have demonstrated consistent support for the United States-flag Merchant Marine and the maritime industry in the United States.

The 2013 Salute to Congress honoree was the Honorable Elijah Cummings of Maryland. He was honored at this year’s event, held May 7th at Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA.

Attending were Admiral Gurnon, Captain Bushy, Captain Rozak and (5) cadets from MMA. Also in attendance were high-ranking politicians; i.e., 2, 3 and 4 star admirals and generals as well as captains of industry. Representatives from MMA have been attending this important function for about five years. Congress members are well informed about MMA and enjoy speaking with our cadets. Admiral Gurnon and Captain Rozak are very proud of our cadets and the way they handled themselves and represented MMA. All met this morning with Congressman Joe Kennedy in a private meeting. He was at MMA when the TS KENNEDY was dedicated, representing the Kennedy family. This morning they attended a breakfast where he was the guest speaker. He spoke about MMA and how important the maritime industry is and how important schools like MMA are to the nation, not just the State of Massachusetts.

The cadets then had an office call with Congressman Keating, met with Senator Elizabeth Warren and lunch in the congressional lunchroom. They are heading back to MMA tonight.

News Update via Email: While there, Admiral Gurnon received an email noting the following: – A new study released by the former Secretary of Education, William Bennett (1985-88) got together with a “think tank”, one of which was Forbes, who put together a list of 150 colleges in the US that are worth the money. You will be glad to know:  – MMA was ranked 63 for in-state tuition out of a list of 3500 schools;  – MMA was the only state school from New England listed; – SUNY was on the list, ahead of us, in part because of the criteria used and the fact that most of their graduates stay in the NY area and work in Manhattan where salaries are higher.

Their chart lists in order, the top 10 best colleges in the Northeast – only (2) public universities are listed, Massachusetts Maritime Academy and SUNY Maritime.

Change of Command Ceremony: May 15th, beginning at 1600 on Clean Harbor Stadium. Captain Rozak advises parents to get here pretty early for parking and to get a good seat.

Senior Exams: U.S. Coast Guard exams start May 20, 2013.

Inbound freshman: 441 incoming cadets to date.  – Out of 441 freshman, 68 are females and 48 are minorities, exceeding the figures of the strategic plans.  – There is usually a 10% “summer melt” or “no show” where cadets decide to attend other schools.  – Target is approximately 400 incoming cadets at orientation but could further drop to approx. 375 freshmen in September.

Ongoing Construction Projects Update: “The dorms are going fast and furious”.  – 4th Company foundation is in; steel work will start going up soon. It is a little noisy and received some complaints, limiting noise during the day and shut down during exam period. – 5th Company has been completely remodeled with all new heads, showers and (2) new lounges on 01 deck and 02 deck.  -All dorms will be updated with our aggressive two-year plan.  – Admiral’s Hall – Construction will start this summer, ‘13. Current capacity is for 275 that project will increase capacity to 450 and add some fancy “bells and whistles” for plays, i.e., lighting and acoustics. – Mail Room in 2nd Company – A pretty big space, currently not being used. 1,200 mail boxes only 15% are used due to the electronic and technology today. This space will be converted to a Gym. This idea came out of a meeting between cadets and the administration. Mail boxes will still be available for students who need one.  – 1st Company Lounge – The underclassmen lounge is going to be expanded and re-done. -The Fantail – In the fall it will be turned over to Chartwells as a specialty Sandwich Shop, a “Grab & Go” type place. Hopefully this will relieve some of the volume in the mess deck, especially during lunchtime.

Captain Rozak introduced the other cadets present: – Cadet Brendan Burke, incoming SGA President, (Student Government Association). He is an International Maritime Business major. New activities are being offered to cadets: 1). Emory Rice Day, Tuesday, May 14th, which will be a fun day on the parade field to include a pig roast and other fun activities such as dodge ball, etc. This will be a full dress down day and the day before Change of Command. All cadets will be participating. 2). Campus Clubs – Approx. 30 clubs on campus & plans to increase a few more. Anyone can start a club by getting 10 cadets interested in joining that club and approaching the SGA.

Cadet Burke – Discussion regarding potential for decreasing the SGA budget/fee for the 2013-2014 school year. If it was to be reduced it would be extremely difficult to continue underwriting special activities for cadets and function tickets would cost more as well as club fees being increased. There are approximately 30 clubs on campus. Crossfit club is new and is very popular. The SGA provides students with activities throughout the school year. Lot of fun events planned for next year. SGA Pres. Burke will attend all future MMA Parents Assoc. meetings to provide updates.

Acting Regimental Executive Officer, Matthew Lincoff addressed the meeting. He is filling in for the Regimental Commander Taylor Inkley, currently studying in China. He is a Facilities Engineer major.

In conclusion, Captain Rozak stated “What makes MMA special are the cadets who attend MMA.” MMAPA President, Chris Mucciarone also told them to feel free to ask MMAPA for anything they may need.

Secretary’s Report: March 20th Minutes submitted by Marianne Macleod & Kim Farber. Motion for approval of March 2013 minutes as presented – all members were asked to review and print out the meeting minutes sent out via the Google groups message board. Motion made to accept, 2nd, with no further discussion, they were accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report: March 19th – May 8th Report itemized & submitted by Deb Migridichian. Beginning balance: $31,517.70.  -Income: $ 1,790.00 from the sale of certificates, t-shirts, steins and sun catchers.  -Expenses: $14,362.26 from the cost of cruise raffle deposit, miscellaneous items, certificates and academic scholarship.  Ending Balance: $18,945.44. Motion made to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, 2nd, without discussion, and accepted as written.

Fundraising: Cruise raffle tickets are now available. “Celebrity Reflection” – itinerary is Miami, San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Martin and back to Miami for a total of 7 nights. Tickets are available now for anyone who is interested in selling, however, sales will begin in earnest at orientation drop off in August. A mailing will go out to all families around orientation graduation. This year there will be a new addition of a special prize drawing for anyone who purchases 9 tickets or more. Their name will go into a special drawing for 2 Boston Bruins tickets and an autographed hockey stick. All this information will be posted on MMAPA website.

Sea Term T-shirts are all set and ready to go. Order forms will go out with cruise raffle tickets. T-shirts will be available at the December meeting, departure day and arrival day. There will be a limited amount of Sea term t-shirts with the ports of call. They will be $20 each. 2 weeks lead time is needed to order the specialized t-shirts.

Lastly, Deb reported the only expenses anticipated will be mailer postage and envelopes for the raffle tickets and this will be approximately $1,000.

Admissions Liaison Report & Sea Bag Week by Jane Rabesa – Reported on Sea Bag Week is August 12 – 17th, 2013. – She has notes that she will give to her replacement.  – It is the biggest week and we can use a lot of volunteers.  – It takes a full week of setting up to transform the gym and be ready for Saturday to hand out all items to incoming cadets.  – Emails looking for volunteers will begin at the end of June.  – A couple of days before Sea Bag Week, we will also need volunteers to pack small boxes that will be part of the Sea Bag Week distribution. That date will be picked by Follett Academy Store. Usually, Monday through Wednesday are set up days and Thursday is a “dry run” where the football team or incoming cadets on campus for classes come to pick up their bags.  – There will be a new jacket in the Sea Bag this year, replacing the current Eisenhower Jacket.

Parent Question: Do current cadets have to buy new jacket?

– No, but they can if they want to.

Parent Question: What hours will volunteers be needed?

– All hours are day hours. No evening hours. We start about 0800 to approx. to 3:00 to 4:00 PM. Employees from the bookstore are also there working during their regular schedule. They are very helpful & appreciative our support.

Parent Question: Will there be some sort of schedule sent out?

– Yes. Usually we start at 8:00 a.m. and work until 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. Lunch is provided.  – High school students who need community service hours can also help and earn credit hours with written documentation for their records.

Welcome Aboard: Jane reported there was a new format this year in that they are trying to get things done ahead of time before drop off at Orientation. Students come in and get their medical records in order. They have an opportunity to participate in fun activities while the parents attend informational presentations, i.e., financial aid, sea term, MMAPA, etc. Parent volunteers walk along with the groups to answer any questions the incoming parents may have. Approx. 60 people have already joined the parents’ Google group since last week’s Welcome Aboard.

The Open House: Held last Saturday, May 4th, and very well attended. This was the last weekend of the year. Some incoming freshman attended Open House because they were unable to attend Welcome Aboard. 10 parent volunteers came forward to assist and support the various groups and answer any questions parents and freshman had.

Hospitality Chair Report: by Pam Meoli

Pam will send out an email for area accommodations for Orientation, for Recognition Day or even Graduation. When parents call for reservations, they should ask for any MMA discount offered. The Hospitality Chairperson will help alumni and parent liaisons who live locally and can assist Out- of-State parents. These valuable people offer to be a resource for incoming or current cadet parents. They can meet for lunch or dinner and just talk about their cadets and experiences, set up car pools, or attend job fairs in their area.


Old Business: By-law proposal by V.P. Don Austin – This was held over from the March Meeting as Don could not attend our meeting. – The By-law was changed– from “proceeds being used specifically for scholarships”. It was capped at $50. VP would like to remove the cap.  – Proposal #2 = Set up a fund in the amount of but not to exceed $500 for front money for the return dinner. This money to be paid back with funds received from cruise ticket sales.  – Proceeds from fundraising efforts will be used for scholarships for cadets or any other use as approved by a vote of the membership. At the discretion of the Board, funds may also be disbursed for the operating needs of the association up to $50. – A motion made to raise cap to $1,000 and 2nd.

After a very lengthy discussion– A New motion to amend original motion to $250.00 not to exceed $1,250 in an academic year, 2nd and discussion resulted in a vote and passed as written.

New Business: After many emails and much discussion, 377 logo’s later, a new MMAPA logo was chosen by the Board and presented to the membership. It was time to update our current logo to better coincide with the MMA logo.

Accuplacer Test Update: by Jane Rabesa – For new parents, the Accuplacer test results will no longer require cadets to take an intermediate math course.  – Everyone takes either: Calculus I, Algebra or Trigonometry.  – Those students scoring below 40 on the Accuplacer will need remediation and there are steps listed to take this, but they will be entered into regular algebra or trigonometry. – If cadets do not pass it in the fall, they will not go on Sea Term with the rest of their class.

Don Austin, VP, mentioned what a wonderful job everyone on the Board has done. He said it was a pleasure working with everyone and thanked them for all their hard work and dedication for MMA, our cadets and their families.

Vote for Officers: Nominees came up and introduced themselves and gave a short history.  President – Christine Mucciarone Vice President – Anne Marie Sieir, Linda Hurley Co-Secretaries – Kim Farber, Marianne MacLeod Co-Treasurers – Debra Migridichian, Marilyn Cyr Admissions Liaison – Leanne Avakian Hospitality Chair – Deidre MacInnis

Chris Mucciarone asked the present membership if anyone was interested. Motion made to close nominations, 2nd, no discussion and approved.

Ballots were handed out for a silent vote.

Voting Results: – Everyone was voted in and to their nominated positions. – Current Board members and incoming Board members will meet to hand-off info and review tasks. – Presentation of “Thank You” gifts for departing Board members, by Chris Mucciarone, Pres. from MMAPA. – There were no more items to discuss, motion to adjourn at 2035 hours (8:35 pm), 2nd and approved.

Next meeting: September, 2013 Blinn Hall – 6:00 PM

Date to be announced