(Pending Approval)

Meeting called to order at 1835 (6:35 pm)

MMAPA Board Members Present:  Chris Mucciarone, Anne Marie Seier, Leanne Avakian, Kim Farber, Deb Migridichian, Deirdre MacInnis and Marianne MacLeod.

General Membership:  40 members present, including 7 board members, MMA staff andparents via telephone.

Welcome Address – Introduction of 2013-2014 Executive Board Officers: President Mucciarone welcomed parents & friends both present and via video/phone conference.  After introducing herself, each Executive Board Member introduced themselves, their position held and their cadet’s academic major and year of graduation. We have (4) new Board Members.

Administration–  Invited staff was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.  Academics, Commandant of Cadets, VP of Marine Operations & Admissions/Orientation staff will join us for our December meeting.

Financial Aid  – CatherineKedski, Director

– Services offered by the department with an overview of the financial aid process, including scholarships.  These scholarships are available throughout the year.  Whenever a scholarship becomes available, she emails students directly with the information andan email to the parents’ group.

– Currently, there is a scholarship available to Massachusetts cadets who come from small towns (15k or less); called theAgnes Lindsay Scholarship,with applications due this Friday, September 13th at noon.

– Loan programs are also available.

1). Anchor Loan Fund – up to $5,000 available.  Contact Cathy Kedski if interested in additional information.

2).  Class of ‘54 Revolving Loan Fund – available to 1C or 2C cadets.

Again, cadets may contact Cathy Kedski if interested.  As scholarships become available, emails will be sent to cadets with attached application.  Cadets receive numerous emails necessitating the need to sort timely to identify Financial Aid Emails.

Sea Term Scholarships

In the near future, approximately early to mid-October, there will be opportunities for cadets to apply for Sea Term-Specific Scholarships.  An email will be sent to the MMAPA group.

Work Study

– Cathy stated there are Work Study programs available.  Limited funding is available so not all students who apply are awarded work study.  This is an opportunity to work for approximately 5 hours per week paying approx. $10 -$15/hour depending on job.   The school is trying to offer more opportunities this year.  Cadets should contact Cathy Kedski if they didn’t first get an award but still want to work.  Almost every MMA office hires cadets.  A couple of off-campus locations also hire our students.

            Parent Question – Where do cadets apply for work study?

Cadets apply to the Financial Aid office.  Cadets then go through a JOB BOOK and will be given information on the job they are interested in.  The cadet contacts the employer directly.

Cadet passports and Social Security cards are needed so cadets need to bring these with them to the financial aid office.

            Parent Question – Where is the Financial Aid office located? 

Right here in Blinn Hall.    They are always available to help cadets and their parents, just call or E-mail ckedski@maritime.edu.

President Chris Mucciarone thanked Ms. Kedski for attending the MMAPA meeting and sharing such helpful information.

SGA  -Student GovernmentAssociation,Brendan Burke,President –

–  Cadet Burke gave an overview of the SGA, explained details of regiment changes to better help cadets.  The SGA provides an outlet for cadets with plenty of events planned. A few of the choices are Dress Down days, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting Trips, Scuba Diving Certification, Archery, Rugby to name a few.   Most events are free events or they charge a minimal fee of $5-$10.  Cadets who stay or go home can participate in events.  The SGA offers movie nights for freshman and sophomore cadets with an ice cream bar.  There are a lot of clubs and activities for the many interests of cadets.  A lot of clubs hold evening meetings for cadets.  CadetsInkley andLinkoffare excited to help with events for cadets.

            Parent Question – Is there a Hockey club?

Yes. There is also a Rugby Club.  The goal of these clubs is to have them become varsity sports in the near future.  Sign-ups are now.  We could have 10 cadets or 90 cadets, it does not matter.  Currently we have 60 cadets interested and signed up.

            Parent Question – How does the hockey work with the Sea Term and cadets being away for six weeks?

The schedule would have to be worked out.

            Parent Question – Is there an Engine Repair club? 

Yes, it is called the Automotive Club.  They would purchase a broken down car and work together to get it up and in running condition & perhaps sell it to purchase another vehicle and do the same.

            Parent Question – Where do cadets find club info? 

There is a list on the MMA website.  Cadets should also check their emails.  Freshman should be signed up by the end of this week to receive email blasts regarding clubs available.

            Parent Question – Is the dress down day every Friday? 

No.  Cadets need to be in uniform for a certain number of days for the entire school year.  Freshman like dress down days because they can return home on Friday wearing their “civies”.  All $$ raised ($5) will go to charity.  This Friday the dress down day will raise funds for the family of Cadet Andrew Balmaceda, who was injured in a bicycle accident recently and is recovering in a Boston hospital.  Other recipients of fundraising monies include the Best Buddies Foundation and DCF.  In the past the SGA has raised close to $5,000 in one day.

            Parent Question – How is SGA supported? 

There is a fee within each cadet’s tuition bill.  This year’s $140 fee goes into a treasury.  The SGA Board makes sure that all money is handed out fairly.  They have started a program set up as a 50/50 plan – the SGA will match what the cadets pay for items needed by their specific club.  Each club is monitored by the SGA.

            Parent Question – How is SGA set up?  

Each class has a certain amount of representatives, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sea Term Representative and Social Chairperson.   Each class oversees events for their classes, i.e., Ring Dance, Spirit of Boston event, etc.  Friday, December 6, 2013 –is this year’s Spirit of Boston event,open to all cadets.   SGA meetings give each class the opportunity to voice what they need.  Elections for SGA will be next Wednesday for the SGA Board.  There are other committees available for cadets to join if they do not get elected to the SGA Board.  “We want to be sure your cadets are safe with us”.

President Mucciarone thanked Cadet Burke for attending the meeting and sharing SGA information with the parents group.

Michelle L. Badger, Assistant Director of Advancement

mbadger@martime.edu or phone: 508-830-5054.In her absence, her reportread by Pres. Mucciarone,as follows:

  1. Admiral’s Gala is coming up on Sept. 21, celebrating the release of the Captain Phillips movie.  Sony has given us the movie and we are working on to way to show the movie as part of the Gala.  We are also very excited to welcome everyone to campus to enjoy a great night at the academy hosted by Billy Costa of KISS 108 and TV Diner, while also raising money for important student scholarships.
  2. Phonathon is also recruiting through Friday, Sept. 13 for new members of the team.  We are looking to hire about 30 students total this semester.  Training will start the week of September 23 and then we will begin calling shifts September 30. As part of the Phonathon team each student is required to work 4 hours a week (2 shifts) for six weeks.   We hope to have a lot of people apply and for our best semester yet!
  3. Homecoming and Reunion is around the corner, October 4-6! We hope to see a lot of you on campus enjoying the game and other events on campus.
  4. MMA Staff Chuck Richardson, Holly Knight, Elizabeth Stevenson, and Mike Burns are traveling to a workboat in New Orleans on October 8, 2013.
  5. Senior Class Campaign just started planning for the next year, last week.  Right now they are working on a plan to kick off the Class of 2014’s campaign and recruiting classmates to join the committee.  This year the co-chairs for the class are Andrew Barbato, John Bradford, Brendan Burke, Hillary Doucette, Melanie Holder, Michael Rezendes and Jesse Wilson.   With this great team of leaders they are going to have a record-breaking year for participation.


The MMAPA May 2013 Minutes were sent out to the entire Google Group.  Parents were asked to review the Minutes posted.  A motion was made to accept the Minutes as written, seconded with no further discussion and Minutes were accepted unanimously as presented.

2013-2014 Proposed Bylaws – A copy of the proposed bylaw changes were sent out to the entire Google Group.  Parents were asked to review the Bylaws.  President Mucciarone explained the process of how we worked on the Bylaws and the time involved.   She asked for a motion to accept the new Bylaws as presented, motion made and seconded with no further discussion, the new Bylaws were accepted unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT – D.Migridichian/M.Cyr

–  Debra prepared hard copies for Board members to review with a breakdown       outlining Expenses and Income since May 8, 2013.

– Sea Term Scholarships:  $13,000 was given for Sea Term scholarships at $500      each.

– The Cruise Raffle:   Held again this year.  Our goal is to sell 2,100 tickets this      year, equaling last year’s number of ticket sales.

– Sea Term T-shirts: Flyers will be sent out to each family for Sea Term T-shirts.  Special order T-shirts, will have each port printed on them and will be available for purchase.

–  Sea Term T-shirts will be available at the MMAPA December meeting, and in January 2014 when the KENNEDY departs and February when the ship returns to homeport.

Sea Term T-shirts costs:   $15 or $20 with the ports-of-call on them.

– Steins & Certificates:   In November, Co-Treasurer Marilyn Cyr will send out a    flyer with information on Sea Term Steins and Certificates.

Costs:  Steins are $25.  Certificates are $20.

            Parent Question – How do you pick up your order?

T-shirt orders will include a fee for postage for all orders that are mailed, or you can purchase them at the campus.

            Parent Question – Can the cadet wear the t-shirt on Sea Term?


            Parent Question – What is the “Shellback” ceremony?

– Explanation offered by several seasoned parents.  It is a special tradition held onboard ships that cross the equator. It is a Right of Passage from “Polliwog” to “Shellback” and differs from ship to ship.  There is a special secret ritual that sailors in the U.S. Navy and Merchant Marine participate in including meeting King Neptune and his Court. Massachusetts Maritime Academy is the only academy that recognizes the equator passing.

– The MMAPA will receive $5,000 from Follett’s Bookstore for volunteers who helped with set-up and distribution of the Sea Bags.

– Motion to accept treasurer’s report, seconded and with no further discussion, accepted unanimously by all present.


An annual review of the financial records was conducted by an audit committee comprised of the Treasurer, Deb Migridichian, Anne Marie Seier and Don Austin.   A document was given in hand to President Mucciarone indicating no issues found.


1.   Sea-Bag Week recap: There were 117 volunteers logging in 870 hours for setting up, distribution and breakdown.  Thank you parents, friends and family members and to all who volunteered their time to make this an enormous success.  This was the largest class to date with well over 400 cadets, task completed in record time.

2. Volunteering:   Additional opportunities include Open Houses and Recognition Day – September 29th, are still available.  We will need approximately 6-12 volunteers for each event.  Volunteers are needed for touring with prospective families, answering questions as well as manning the fund raising sales table.

The schedule for Recognition Day was reviewed.

            Parent Question – Are the cadets expected to spend the entire weekend on campus for the entire weekend? 

Yes, they attend the home football game.   On Recognition Day, there will be meetings for parents to hear about Sea Term information.  MMAPA will also hold a meeting for parents.  Tours of the TS Kennedy and ABS simulator will also be conducted throughout the day up until the pinning ceremony.   Lunch will be available for free.  1300 pm will be the pinning ceremony.


Sea Term Dinner – The dinner is held on the Saturday night before the ship returns, February 22, 2014.  A flyer will be sent out. Parents complete the form and mail a check and include the names of guests who will be attending.  The dinner will be held at The Bay Pointe Club in Onset, located approximately 1 ½ miles west of the Academy.  There will be a buffet dinner and door prizes available.  This event is held as a way for parents/families of cadets who have come into town, and local families to get together and meet, share information, etc.  It is not a fundraiser. Parents who attended last year’s dinner shared their experience.  Due to inclement weather and approaching storm the KENNEDY returned one day ahead of schedule so several cadets attended the dinner.  Parents who bought tickets for the dinner but wanted to head home before the storm hit, graciously donated their tickets to the cadets.  The cadets shared some of their experiences aboard the KENNEDY.

GOOGLE GROUP Rules and Review – Anne Marie Seier, V.P.

A review of the rules for the MMAPA Google Group message board was discussed including behavior reminding parents to review their e-mail before posting and keep a positive tone when responding to other parent’s questions/concerns.

Posters can be put on “moderated” status and e-mails reviewed by Anne Marie or Chris Mucciarone prior to posting to the entire Google Group.  Posters can also be “banned” from the group if necessary.  We trust that our members will remain respectful.

–  Chris Mucciarone next explained that a Sea Term Scholarship this fall will be given in honor of Cadet Sellepack, Class of 2016, who passed away tragically in a diving accident this past summer.

–  Anne Marie Seier also explained that she has been reviewing and updating the Guide Book for parents with new links.  She has a draft available and asked if a freshman parent would work with her to help review the booklet.   After booklet is published, FAQ’s will be reviewed and updated.

–  Parents are rallying to help injured cadet’s family to help with costs incurred during his rehab at Boston Hospital.  Chris Mucciarone will send out additional information as it becomes available.

Upcoming Important Dates:

– Recognition Day/Family Day:          September 29th 0800-1600

– Open Houses:                                   September 28th, October 26th, November 16th

– Homecoming:                                   October 4-6th

Next meeting:   Wednesday, December, 2014 – 6:00 p.m.

 4th or 11th to be determined

We are planning on the ABS Building as scheduling allows.

Meeting adjourned at 1955  (7:55 p.m.)