Social – Meet and Greet – 1800-18:30

Meeting called to order at 18:30 by MMAPA President Bill Tranter.

Note: The remote call-in feature was not available.

Welcome Address and Introduction of 2018-2019 EB Officers

Board Members present:     Bill Tranter, Mike Buzzell, Nancy Franks, Sherrie Hughes, Sue Pickering, Heather Lapham, Stephanie Savoy, Stephani Godfrey

Board Members absent:       None

Administration/Regimental Update

Captain Rozak, Commandant of Cadets

Captain Rozak thanked the MMAPA and volunteers for their efforts during Sea Bag week, Orientation preparation and graduation. He stated that all events ran well. Captain Rozak also thanked the EB members for going on the mini-cruise during Orientation. Dorms are full, with 77 cadets living on the TS Kennedy. The activation of the TS Kennedy for relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence is a 50/50 possibility and will be decided the week of September 17. If the TS Kennedy is activated, the cadets living aboard ship will move to the Joint Base of Cape Cod.

Liam Martin, Regimental Commander

Liam Martin thanked the MMAPA for getting the C/Cs ready for Orientation. He credited the MMAPA for being a liaison between the parents and the students.  Orientation was fantastic and he is blessed to have a talented staff with a unique set of abilities and a team-based approach. He stated the camaraderie among the cadets is already evident and there was no awkward transition from Orientation to the school year. Recognition day is 23 days away.

Question and Answer with Rozak and Martin

Q:         How can cadets do community service?

A:         Submit form to the community service officer with the event and signature.

Q:         Does community service have to be approved?

A:         Yes, by Squad Leaders.

Q:         If students move from the TS Kennedy to the Joint Base, will they have transportation to school?

A:         Yes. Most kids have their own cars, but there is a shuttle service and a Buc van driven by the Chief Engineer.

Q:         What are the differences in C/Cs after Recognition Day?

A:         Cadets can stop talking about themselves in 3rd person, less double Sir/Sir and Ma’am/Ma’am, no more square corners or running to class, and a more relaxed environment.

Q:         If the cadets have academic struggles, are the parents notified?

A;         No, MMA will not contact parents. Deficiency letters are sent to the cadets mid-way through the semester. 4/C cadets have mandatory study hours from 8-10 pm. All cadets have access to TRO’s and TRA’s (Training Resource Officers and Assistants), the Learning Resource Center, student and faculty tutors, and professor office hours. Students are encouraged to ask for help when needed.

Q:         Can C/Cs go to the library during study hours?

A:         Yes. Squad Leaders can approve this with an index card.

Q:         What are the following roles: Company Commander, Squad Leader, Cadre?

A:         Company Commander – Lead cadet in each company. Squad Leaders – Juniors. They are there to help them.   Cadre – Orientation leaders.

Q:         C/Cs are reluctant to approach upperclassmen. What should they do?

A:         Just be respectful and ask Squad Leaders for help.

Much discussion occurred here about the relationship between Squad Leaders and C/Cs. Mr. Martin and Captain Rozak assured the parents that all MMA staff and cadets are there to assist the C/Cs in all aspects of MMA life.

Q:         Are C/C’s present on October 6th, the day before Recognition?

A:         No.

On Recognition morning, there are many interesting presentations for parents, including detailed briefings on Sea Term and winter experiential learning.

Q:         How are the license-tracked cadets getting enough maintenance hours with the TS Kennedy being activated the last few years?

A:         Brad Lima, Academic Dean, puts together a package that is approved by the Coast Guard. The cadets do maintenance on smaller boats if necessary.

MMAPA Business

SECRETARY’S REPORT                                                                                 S. Savoy/S. Godfrey

Approval of May 8, 2018 minutes posted for review. Motion was made to accept, seconded, and voted unanimously to accept report as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                    S. Pickering/H. Lapham

Report presented by Sue Pickering. Refer to report provided at the meeting. Motion was made to accept, seconded, and voted unanimously to accept report as presented.

Bill discussed the MMAPA scholarship donations in 2017-2018. With the first donation in December of $20,000 and a second donation in May, donations from the MMAPA totaled $48,000. The parent appeal conducted by the Advancement Office raised over $3000. The total of $51,000 in donations in one academic year is the largest amount raised for cadet scholarships in the history of the MMAPA. Projection for 2018-2019: $60,000.   

Bill mentioned that Sea Bag week is the biggest money-raising event. This year, there were many volunteers that worked very hard and quickly to produce the most efficient Sea Bag set up and distribution to date. In a record 2.5 hours, 462 cadets came through the gym for their supplies.

ADMISSION LIAISON’S REPORT                                                                              S. Hughes

Sherrie stated the new online volunteer signup program is great and easy. Homecoming is 9/15. Volunteers are needed to help sell starting at 8 AM.

Orientation graduation was very successful. The selling started earlier than planned. Thanks to Beth for helping out.

Parents Weekend is coming up! If you don’t want to go to events alone, don’t stay home, you can volunteer with the EB!

HOSPITALITY REPORT                                                                                             N. Franks

Updates on Parent and Family Weekend on October 5-7: Many sell-outs!

There are now 3 boats for the cruise on Saturday. The Beachmoor on Friday is sold-out for dinner, but may have room for dessert from 8-10. There is an outdoor concert by a rock band comprised of faculty, on Friday from 4-5:30. There are tours of the agriculture lab, breakfast in the Press Box with the football coaches and captains, a Nautical Craft Fair and Book Festival, cookies with the TS Kennedy Captain, treats with the women’s soccer team, and more! The drawings for fishing at Bookstore Jim’s house and an off-road Jeep tour with Bookstore Jim have had an overwhelming response. There are corn hole and fishing tournaments and just added is a shoe and boot shining competition. Inflatable games were donated by the community.

There is a need to borrow corn hole games.

If anyone would like to donate prizes for the competitions, contact Nancy. Baskets of goodies are encouraged. Please use your connections for prizes. Key sponsors of MMAPA are Lindsay’s Restaurant (cadets receive a 25% discount with ID), Buzzards Bay Tavern, and Buzzards Bay House of Pizza.

Trick or Tweet is the Friday before Halloween. MMAPA gives candy to the cadets. Candy can be dropped off at MMA, sent to Nancy by mail, or you can mail a gift card to Nancy and she will buy the candy.

On December 14, 2018, candy canes are given to the cadets before they start exams. Candy canes can be brought to the December meeting, sent to Nancy by mail, or you can mail a gift card to Nancy and she will buy the candy canes.

Nancy thanked everyone for being patient with emails. The Parent and Family Weekend has had a huge response. Send correspondence to Nancy at or her address, which can be found on the Google Group.

VICE-PRESIDENT’S REPORT/COMMENTS                                                             M. Buzzell

Mike distributed and reviewed the Google group guidelines. On January 3, 375 families joined the group. As of today, 79.8% of families of cadets are members. There are 2,314 members on the Google group. Members cannot change email addresses. If your email changes, you must unsubscribe and resubscribe. If set-up is difficult, email Mike at MMAPAVP.

Comments must be brief, concise, and respectful of others’ opinions. Check for typos, grammar, clarity and tone before posting. Every post is reviewed before posted. If a post is not appropriate, it will be rejected. Very few are rejected. Some posts are forwarded to appropriate people rather than posted in the Google group. Stay in the thread by topic. Fill in the descriptive line when making posts. No anonymous posts are posted. Attacks are moderated and members can be removed if necessary.

*Important – Most information comes from parent comments and opinions. Official posts from MMA staff will include a name, title, and office. MMA cadets are not allowed to participate in the Google group.

Advancement Update

Michelle Badger, Director of Advancement

Michelle thanked all the parents for the scholarship money. Other sources are endowment and structures. The $60,000 donation will provide 500 student scholarships of $120. The Rising Tide (parent appeal) campaign is in Year 3 and raised almost $3500 last year.

During Homecoming weekend, 120 C/Cs are helping. Sunday, September 16th, is the first Youngie Shuffle 5K road race to benefit the men and women’s cross-country teams.

The Admiral’s Gala is October 20. The cost is $175. The theme this year is Casino Royale, without a traditional sit-down dinner. All proceeds go to cadet scholarships.

The Phone-a-Thon calls alumni to procure donations for scholarships.

The Senior Class Campaign sets up a Cadet Emergency Fund. If the seniors get 50% participation, or $5000, Bookstore Jim will jump in the canal.

In the spring, Bucs for Bucs has a cookie café, live music, and events.

Cadets can download MMA events with an APP on their phones with maps and scheduling.

Other Important Information

During the December meeting, Captain Rozak will talk about Sea Term, and winter experiential learning experiences. The alumni association will be presenting about internships, jobs and to give advice.

There is an opportunity to join the MMAPA Board. At the end of this year, 3 positions will be vacated due to graduation– President, Hospitality Chair, and Co-Treasurer. All positions are available each year. Get involved! Meet people! Bill gave a special thanks to Nancy Franks for her outstanding enthusiasm and diligence in planning the upcoming Parent and Family Weekend.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Savoy and Stephani Godfrey, MMAPA Co-Secretaries