Social – Meet and Greet – Refreshments 18:00-18:30
Meeting called to order at 18:30 by MMAPA President Bill Tranter.
Introduction of Board Members

Board members present:  Bill Tranter, Rick Carberry, Sherrie Hughes, Brenda Quinn, Ann Quill, Nancy Franks , Lori Thompson and Sue Pickering.

Welcome Address:  President Bill Tranter welcomed all the parents in attendance and those watching via webcast.  The executive board introduced themselves.  Bill Tranter thanked everyone for all their help during sea bag week.  The distribution ran smoothly and the gym was full of gear ahead of schedule.  This year Bill negotiated with Follett Bookstore for a $10,000 donation to our treasury to be used for scholarships. In addition, the MMAPA sold items at drop off day and orientation graduation.  Our fundraising is ahead of last year’s pace.


Captain Rozak introduced the Regimental Commander for 2017-2018, Mikayla Correia.  Captain Rozak thanked the parents for our continued support acknowledging that during the orientation period they could not complete the huge undertaking without parents.  He gave an update on the TS Kennedy, stating that Captain Tom Bushy is outside Corpus Christi awaiting further orders.  SUNY Maritime’s training ship is going to Florida and a third ship in MARAD’s fleet is going to St. Thomas.  He explained that the Kennedy was activated at noon on the Friday of Labor Day weekend.  The Academy had to make alternative arrangements for classes, labs and licensed major maintenance hours, and for housing the 52 cadets who were to live on the ship.  They are currently at Joint Base Cape Cod, living large!  They have apartments with living rooms, kitchens, and decks complete with grills.  They may never want to come back!

MMA was recognized by state officials at a recent press conference for the support the Academy provides to disaster relief efforts.

Homecoming is the weekend of September 29. Freshmen march on to the football field at 12:10 on Saturday September 30.  All parents are invited and welcome to attend Homecoming.  Family Day is October 1 and the 4C’s will be recognized at a ceremony at 13:00.  In the morning, Captains Campbell and Rozak will brief the parents of engine and deck majors about Sea Term 2018 and Captain Korn, the undergraduate academic dean, will address parents of all other majors about the different winter experiences.

Regimental Commander Mikayla Correia

Ms. Correia expressed gratitude to the parents for all their hard work and efforts.   She narrated an orientation video set to music made by 3C Michelle Sheehan, an orientation assistant.  The video will soon be available for all on YouTube.  It will be shown at the MMA Board of Trustees meeting then we will post a link on our Google Group.

Mikayla explained holiday watch.  She encourages cadets and cadet candidates to be proactive and sign up for a watch when they know they will be on campus allowing them to then travel home afterwards.

Massachusetts Maritime is hosting an event next week on September 21 in Manhattan to award the Emery Rice Medal to the maritime person of the year. This year’s honoree is the chairman, president and CEO of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Christopher Wiernicki. Elaine Chao, United States Secretary of Transportation, also will be present.

Mikayla explained that the CC’s are not recognized yet so they are running to and from classes.  She noted that all the upper class cadets had to do the same.  She stated that everybody has seen their growth since orientation.  They are assimilating nicely and becoming part of the family.

Since the SGA president was not present, MMAPA President Bill Tranter asked Mikayla to talk about some activities that are available on campus.  She explained that they are in the process of reinstating all the clubs such as hockey and rugby.  There also are clubs that are not sports related such as the Society of Naval Architects and the Society of Marine Engineers.  She further explained that if there are other common interests, a minimum of 10 people are needed and they are welcome to start their own club.  The SGA sponsors flash events once a month, i.e., a Dunkin Donuts truck, and there will be Celtics and Bruins tickets at quite a discount with transportation provided.  The hockey club competes in a Division 2 league.  Their home ice is Gallo Arena, just over the Bourne Bridge. There will be bus transportation to go to their games.

MMAPA Business

SECRETARY’S REPORT                                                           B. Quinn

Approval of May 3, 2017 minutes posted for review.  A motion was made to approve, 2nd and voted unanimously to approve said minutes as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT                                        L. Thompson/S. Pickering

Report  given by L. Thompson.  Motion was made to approve 2nd  and voted unanimously to approve Treasurer’s report as presented.

ADMISSION LIAISON’S REPORT                                   S. Hughes

There were 232 volunteer days in the 10-12 day period. Volunteers included parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, parents of former cadets, and upper class cadets.  There are more volunteer opportunities coming up including at Homecoming and Recognition Day as well as the ship’s departure in January.

HOSPITALITY CHAIR’S REPORT                             N. Franks

Nancy has dual roles. She is the MMAPA Hospitality Chair as well as MMA’s Follow the Voyage (FTV) – Share the Experience coordinator.

There is a new hotel that would like to be added to the preferred hotel list, Hotel 1620 in Plymouth at the Village Landing.  Other events that Nancy has planned are a cookie café in March and a “TWIC or Tweet” during which we will give away candy on October 27 in celebration of Halloween (there will be a Twitter page in our future)! If you live far away and wish to donate, candy can be mailed to Nancy or it can be dropped off at the Commandant’s office (COMCAD).  Nancy will post more information on both the Google Group and Facebook.

Saturday, February 24, 2018 will be the Winter Dinner, formerly known as the Return Dinner because it was held the night before the ship’s return.   It is a fun, casual evening.  We are looking for silent auction and raffle items.  Examples were given as to some of last year’s items.  There will be a DJ and games.  Adults typically attend the event and children are welcome.  Cadets do not usually attend. The event will be promoted on Facebook.

The FTV program was created by Captain Elizabeth Stevenson 21 years ago when she was a cadet for one grade level in one school.   Over the years it grew a little but it was always aimed at middle school. Then Nancy took over last year and expanded the program to grades 2-8.  This year’s program will include grades K-12.  Nancy mentioned that the program name has been changed to Follow the Voyage – Share the Experience.  She is planning to highlight the experiences of all the cadets across all majors.  Cadets that are on commercial ships can e-mail pictures etc. Liz Novak will design a new website, highlighting different experiences on different pages.  This year’s cadet blogger is Sara Merzon who will be aboard the TS Kennedy.  Nancy stressed that the school finances this program and the main focus is the student followers.  Nancy asked for parents to help her reach out to any educators they know.  She has a great letter as well as a PowerPoint available that parents can send to them.  Many schools have firewalls therefore it is difficult for Nancy to communicate without parents’ assistance. Nancy may be reached via e-mail at ftv@maritime.edu. She is continuing to collect childhood pictures of licensed major cadets through the end of September.

New Business

Bill Tranter mentioned upcoming events including Homecoming and Reunion Weekend (September 29 – October 1), Recognition Day and the Admiral’s Scholarship Gala on Saturday, October 28 (tickets are $250 each). Anybody interested in volunteering on September 30 and October 1 should contact Sherrie Hughes. There will be a phone-a-thon and any cadet interested should fill out an application by September 20 at noon.  Talks have begun with athletic director, Garin Veris, to promote tailgating at football games, essentially an area set up for MMA parents to socialize at football games.

Nancy highlighted many businesses in the local area on the MMAPA Facebook page.  One of them was the West End General Store.  The owner, Lisa Hall, has generously offered to sell some MMAPA items in her shop.  Lisa is also a MMA parent. Her shop is on Main St. at the end of Academy Drive.  There is parking behind the store as well as street parking.

Recap of dates of upcoming events: Homecoming: September 29-October 1, Family and Recognition Day: October 1, TWIC or Tweet: Oct 27, and the next MMAPA meeting: December 7.

Vice President, Rick Carberry reviewed the Google Group guidelines and stated that there are 2,300 members.  300 of 450 CC parents, almost 70%, have become members.  Posts are checked and posted a couple of times per day and no anonymous posts are allowed.

Co- Secretary, Lori Thompson added that cruise raffle tickets will be mailed out within the next couple of weeks.  The cruise is April 8-15, 2018.  The ports should not be affected by the latest storms.

Meeting adjourned 19:30.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Quinn and Ann Quill, MMAPA Co- Secretaries