MMAPA Sept Board Meeting 2016

Meeting was called to order at 18:30 by President Bill Tranter
Introduction of the Board Members

Capt Rozak: Introduced 1C, Thomas McEntee, Regimental Commander, and 2C Paul Frost, the SGA President.

Mr. McEntee: Orientation update; only 2 CCs dropped out during Orientation. He is trying to create more interest in leadership opportunities at the academy, especially sophomores. This helps translate to the real world. Mr McEntee’s desire is to increase pride in the regiment vs going through the motions. He wants cadets to enjoy their time at the Academy even though it is tough there some days. He emphasized there is no other school like MMA.

Parent question —– will you please give an example of leadership opportunities Response: Squad leader at the end of Sophomore year; they work specifically with freshman. As Seniors they are more mgmt. They play more of an administrative role. Many SGA leaderships opportunities are available also.
Parent question from a member of the alumni board/former grad——What is meant by enthusiasm? Response: They would like to see more cadets apply for leadership roles. Many applied ,but they would like more. Do you actively seek out people? Sometimes individuals are sought after.

Parent question—— As a parent what can we do? Response: There are 56 squad leaders for 490+ cadets this year. Please encourage your cadet to apply.

Parent question——Can you give examples of Community Service? Response: 1st class Patrick Goldsmith controls community service now. Some service opportunities include, Boys/girls club, Big bro/Big sister, Cystic fibrosis walk, Special Olympics, St Margaret’s School…Cadets all receive e-mails.

Parent question—- How do cadets balance freshman year…Response: It is expected freshman mainly concentrate on managing their time and academics. Main opportunities for freshman is SGA, i.e., election of class officers, committees as well as honor board.

Mr. Frost- SGA Pres:
Priority is spending $$ on students. They will organize clubs, open forum; any student can attend. They will entertain any idea. Need 10 people to participate in any one club. The fishing club may return as well as the debate team (Jim from the bookstore) Events: Spirit of Boston is the big winter event this may be changed to “the winter ball” to be held in Prov, RI. Larger venue, though the SOB has been hugely popular the Academy is outgrowing it. Previously only 500 caders have been able to attend.

There is a spring formal for 4C’s and 3C’s, Emory Rice Day is always fun; carnival, food trucks, jousting

Parent question—-Sea Term vs winter term representation? Response: Will most likely have both and there will be a proportional amount of funds for experiential learning.

Parent question—Do you expect any expansion? Response: There are 21 clubs; examples fitness clubs’ muscle & lifting, boxing, wrestling. Coming soon-field hockey, paint ball trips, kayak/bike/canoe rentals as well as flash events; DD truck, (free coffee/hot chocolate, movie nights (big screen TV)-time out of study hours, NE Patriots, usually Sunday nights. Massages during Coasties. Barn babies, magicians and hypnotists.

There are 100+cadets in attendance usually at the SGA meeting,which are held at 6:30 am. SGA Hours: 10am-8pm. 1St meeting will be held at 9/131/16.

Report from Campus Safety: Lt. Ransom:
Parking issues-How to apply: go online and apply and go to pay section and fill it out the application. Bring receipt, registration and App with ID to Campus Safety office. Freshman can apply for parking after 10/15. There is a new lot on Academy Drive being built. Cadets with parking at the Marina will move to that lot. Now there are 1600 kids at the school and parking is difficult. Off load is the biggest issue. The major problem is when people park behind the dorms and leave their vehicle there. Gates are open only are certain dates. Move in days there are 6-8 officers on hand. There is a handful of staff and 1500 of them; the reason for the adherence of the rules. Drop off is fine, though no more than 15 min then move your vehicle. This is really when problems are created. Emergency vehicles need to have access. They also do not want the athletic fields ripped up.

Parent question—0n and after 10/16 how much parking will be available? Response: Unknown amount of spots in the new lot.

Parent question—First come first serve? Response: Online app is not considered first. Walking in with paperwork is considered first. If parking is paid and there is no spot available student can be reimbursed in the business office.

Parent question—Is there handicapped parking allowances? Parent complained there was no consideration; officer apologized on behalf of the public safety staff and advised the parent to see him directly in the future. There is usually a shuttle. There are 30 handicapped spaces 1st come 1st serve, there are no other options other than the shuttle.

Athletic Director, Garin Veris:
All fields/facilities are vital to all students at the academy. Golf Tourney big fund raiser. Football game tics $5 except for children under 12 and sr citizens, who are free. No charge for any other sporting events.
Homecoming- Sept 16-18
Recognition Day: October 16

Business Meeting:
Motion to accept minutes from May 2016. Accepted

Treasures Report:
See attached

Sue Pickering talked about the cruise raffle. The mailer will be sent the 1st week of October. This will be the next big fundraiser. 8 days/7 nights including airfare for 2 up to $800. The Cruise is 3/18-3/26 2017. The winner will be drawn on departure day, and you do not need to be present to win. Tickets will also available on all MMAPA sell days.

Motion made to accept Treasure’s report and accepted.
President’s Report: Bill Tranter. New fundraisers have been added; seating on the field and 5 parking passes net $3500 additional income. “The Shirt” hope to expand the market to other parents beside parents of freshman. 4 Seats at graduation along with accommodations at the Marriot in Wareham.

Admission Liaison’s Report: Marie Rossi
267 vol worked 2100 vol hours

Upcoming open houses; 9/224, 10/15 and 11/19. Need at least 10 parents; 2 for each group There are 5 groups. Hours needed; 9-noon
Jim from the bookstore thanked everyone. Jim’s goal is to improve every year. Now they are preparing for Admiral’s inspection then graduation. Bill explained vol hours as it translates into scholarship funds.

All inclusive dinner vs return dinner implying Sea Term only. Experiential grps included in slide show in addition to sea term dinner planned 2/18. Venue yet to be determined however it was mentioned everyone was pleased with the Bay Pointe last year. This year we will add a silent auction, raffles and gift baskets; no pressure.
Shout out to Marriott Town Suites in Wareham for offering discounts to parents/families of MMA cadets and donating 2 rooms in June, graduation weekend to include in the fund raiser pkg. We will encourage everyone to use their services.

Vice President’s Report: Terry Novak
Terry revisited the rules for use of the Google group and asked that when you post to please consider your audience. Not everyone understands Maritime culture. There are unsubscribe directions right on the site but people may e-mail the vice president directly.

Bill T./President:
Review of important upcoming dates, May meeting is the election of officers. Parents may apply for any office. Bill encouraged people to consider running. Bill apologized for the lack of live stream.

Meeting adjourned 20:00