MMAPA 1st Quarter Meeting
September 9, 2015
Blinn Hall, MMA

Meeting called to order 18:30 by President Leanne Avakian. 26 parents present.

MMAPA BOARD MEMBERS 2015-16 MMAPA Officers introduced themselves:
Leanne Avakian, Brenda Quinn, Karan Scopa, Deirdre MacInnis, Terry Novak, Marie Rossi, Carol Eccleston and Marilyn Cyr

Leanne welcomed everyone to the 1st quarter meeting and then introduced Admiral McDonald. This was the first MMAPA meeting for him as President of the Academy.

Admiral McDonald- Adm McDonald introduced himself and told of his history with the Academy: He has been President for 21 days. He talked about how unique the school is, and how unique the students are. They will graduate and be ready to work.
Spoke about MMAPA, and our role, particularly with assisting freshman parents as well as fundraising. He discussed our investment in time to provide scholarships. He will continue to support parents through our Google group. He is willing to help and respond to questions on chat group, if we need help.
He asked that parents help him help their students launch into adulthood. They (the students) should use the channels at the school. He mentioned the close knit community, and how Alumni help find jobs. He mentioned that MMA resumes get pulled to top of the pile.

Because of the regiment parents tend to want to rescue their student. Admiral McDonald said parents should give their student a chance to resolve issues on their own. If they give it their best, the reward will be worth it.

Regimental Update – Captain Rozak, Commandant of Cadets

Capt Rozak introduced himself then introduced the Regimental Commander, Alex Rozak and SGA president Ryan Frost. He briefly spoke about Homecoming weekend, and Recognition Day, and told us there would be 479 CCs in attendance.

1/C Alex Rozak, Regimental Commander

Mr. Rozak told us he maintains the regiment. Spoke about orientation. His goal during orientation was to make someone, who was not comfortable in a group, become part of a team. Discussed how the CCs are encouraged to become a team. He said he was impressed to see how the cadet candidates were supported by their classmates. 479 CCs graduated. He discussed the requirements to become recognized as 4th class cadet.

1/C Ryan Frost – SGA President

Mr. Frost talked about roles of the regimental staff, and explained that his role is a bit out of the regiment. He attempts to keep things alive and give cadets things to look forward to. SGA does event planning, such as dances, concerts, and outings. The SGA’s role on sea term is to plan the excursions. They try to keep cadets engaged and interacting socially. Every class has 4 elected officers. Talked about clubs that are available to the cadets, i.e. golf, hockey, fishing, SNAME, etc. Mr. Frost also discussed Emery Rice Day events, possible concerts, and guest speakers. An explanation was given with regard to how a club gets recognized – students come before the SGA board with their request to organize a club. There must be a minimum of 15 students have to show an interest in the club before it is recognized, and funding for activities is dispensed.

Mr. Frost announced that CCs will get out of study hours for first Patriots game.
Captain Rozak applauded the SGA for their efforts.

Michelle Badger – Director of Advancement

Ms. Badger talked about homecoming and the volunteers they will need. She discussed the Phonathon, and how they reach out to alumni, and ask them to make a gift. Students run the Phonathon, and its great way to network with other students as well as alumni. The Annual Admiral’s Scholarship Gala is set for Saturday, October 17th. The Gala is a well-attended, fun evening and big scholarship fundraising event for the Academy. Tickets are available for purchase through the MMA website.

Michelle congratulated MMAPA for raising $45,000.00 last year all to provide scholarships


May 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes – available on line for review. A motion was made by Marilyn Cyr to accept May April Minutes as presented, and 2nd by Karan Scopa – and with no further discussion, motion passed unanimously to accept.

Treasurers Report – May 13, 2015 through September 9, 2015 reviewed. Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented, 2nd and with no further discussion, motion passed to accept.
Beginning balance $33,334.90 ending balance $13,052.24.

Carol Eccleston discussed Cruise Raffle, and how we sell tickets. We will send raffle info to homes. The Cruise Raffle is the MMAPA’s single biggest fundraiser. The raffle winner will be announced on ship departure day, January 9, 2016. Carol and Marilyn further discussed ways we raise money by selling items…t shirts, towels, bracelets, Sea Term steins, certificates, and t-shirts as well as etched glassware that is appealing to all, regardless of major.

Leanne noted that Sea Bag week is a big fundraiser as well. She discussed how the Follette’s bookstore donates $5000.00 to the MMAPA for Sea Bag distribution and a week of volunteer efforts by our many new and seasoned parents, families and friends. All the money goes to scholarships.

Hospitality Report – Deirdre reported on her work to obtain accommodations. She told us she has procured one new house and one new hotel. The link to all facilities is on our web site. She discussed host family list by state. Deirdre also mentioned that we may want to consider a brunch for the Return “Party”. Traditionally it has been a dinner, but depending the expected time of arrival of the ship, we may want to change it up. Deirdre told us this is not a fundraiser.

Admissions Liaison Report – Marie thanked everyone who recently volunteered for the Sea Bag week. She reported that we had over 160 volunteers who worked in excess of 1000 hours to make Sea Bag Week and distribution a success. She added that volunteers are needed for upcoming Homecoming and Open House. Parent volunteers are a great help at all events. Marie also mentioned that four positions on the board will be vacated this coming June, and expressed that any individual with a possible interest in joining the MMAPA board let us know.

Vice President Report – Terry Novak discussed the Google group, and how it functions including how to join. She mentioned that requests cannot be from a student email account. The group is meant to be a support for parents. She has to safeguard the group, so she does need specific information to be approved.

Leanne talked about upcoming meeting on Tuesday, December 1, 2015, which will include discussion about Sea Term. She expects the meeting will be well attended.

With no further questions or issues, a motion was made to adjourn meeting, Karan Scopa, 2nd from membership audience, and approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 19:31.

Meeting Minutes for 1st Quarter Meeting 2015 – September 9, 2015 – respectfully submitted by: Karan Scopa and Brenda Quinn – Co-Secretaries