Parent Packet

Cover Letter

Dear Parents,

As part of Orientation and as a requirement for cadet recognition, your son or daughter will take a self-administered on-line alcohol awareness and prevention education course through During Orientation, the Health Services Office will conduct a 2-hour in-class substance abuse education seminar. Your cadets will continue to receive alcohol prevention education through SeaTerm in preparation of visiting countries where there are minimal or no laws governing alcohol consumption.

In support of the Academy’s efforts to educate our cadets on the dangers of substance abuse, the Parents Association felt the subject important enough to complement their program by providing informational material for the parents. We are in our second year providing a Parent Packet. Educating and informing parents on alcohol abuse and underage drinking has become the norm nationwide for colleges and universities in an effort to include parents as a resource in prevention strategies.

According to research, parents make the greatest influence on their sons and daughters in establishing a strong foundation for making healthy decisions. It is up to you to take a proactive stance. Your cadet depends on you for your parental support, wisdom, and guidance to help them learn to make good decisions. Read and re-read the material provided. It’s never too late to start talking with your cadet about the consequences of alcohol abuse and underage drinking. Parents are the primary educators in their child’s life and we do make a difference no matter what their age.

The enclosed packet includes the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Alcohol Policy, Massachusetts Board of Higher Education Alcohol Policy, US Coast Guard regulations mandated for all MMA undergraduates in ALL MAJORS, and resource pamphlets produced by MMA Parents Association, Massachusetts Dept. of Health and Norfolk District Attorney, William R. Keating.

Parents surveyed found the information provided to be relevant and should be made available to future parents. We hope you will find this packet informative but, more importantly, helpful in beginning a dialogue with your college-bound teenager both on the consequences of underage drinking on or off campus and making clear your expectations of their behavior while away from home.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness found in this packet, we look to you for your feedback on its usefulness. We welcome your input through your anonymous participation by completing and returning the enclosed Parent Packet Survey. This is your chance to give your input, ask questions, and learn about Academy efforts to prepare your cadet for a safe and positive learning experience aboard the Training Ship Enterprise. It’s important to note MMA adheres to a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking.

MMA Parents Association

Alcohol Policies

MMA Regiment Manual

Massachusetts Board of Higher Education

U.S. Coast Guard Ruling



$50,000 Mistake

MMA Alcohol Brochure

Underage Drinking – Norfolk DistrictAttorney

Choose to KeepYour Freedom

7 Ways to Protect Your Teen

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